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  1. You are knocking on the door of building a full custom rifle with a custom action. TS Customs builds some of the best rifles out there. Give him a call and see what he can do. You will be way ahead of the game with a custom built rifle. BTW— stick with a Timney trigger as opposed to the Jewel. The jewel is difficult with dirt or even just dust as I have experienced.
  2. I wouldn’t want to deal with a factory barreled rifle for precision shooting. It can be done, but it is luck of the draw as to whether or not it will shoot. Of the two options you listed I would rebarrel with a benchmark barrel and I would get TS Customs to do the Smith work.
  3. If you are looking for a rifle that will allow you to change out barrels without a smith and an extremely tough action then a desert tech will fit the bill. It can take a massive amount of torture without failing. Look for primal Rights videos on YouTube where he loaded up a 338LM with pistol powder. As far as the specific actions you were asking about...I don’t know the answer.
  4. I appreciate you working on keeping tapatalk working. Some of the forums I follow have let it go...and so far tapatalk is the most convenient way to follow multiple forums.
  5. TS Customs in South Dakota can build you a full custom rifle on a custom action in a fully adjustable chassis for less than your budget. I don’t think you will find a better rifle for the money than that. You ought to give him a call.
  6. I have had Leupold and now have two Tangent Thetas and a S&B. Leupold doesn’t even compare to the higher end scopes. They are really lacking in every category. Can it accomplish your purpose? Yes. However other brands have better features in the same price range. In my opinion Tangent Theta is at the top of the hill right now and any rifle that I was really serious about shooting any distance would have a TT on it.
  7. I know you don’t like what you are hearing, but you are being steered in the right direction. The magpul stock is not that great. Remington quality has really gone down hill. The Remington trigger is one of the first things that will need to be replaced. If you really get into precision shooting the stock will soon follow. Then the barrel as it will likely not shoot to your expectations. However for almost the same price you can get the howa HCR which is a decent barreled action in a nice chassis. Buy the howa...shoot it as it is. When you are ready to upgrade buy a full custom or a desert tech.
  8. dddoo7


    Optics are important and one should never skimp on optics. However, Custom rifles built by competent smiths are much nicer than factory rifles. There is a difference. Now...sometimes the problem is finding a competent Smith.
  9. dddoo7

    Good rifle

    Custom rifles are pricey, but they are worth the money. They offer much more in reliability and accuracy than a factory rifle does. Custom actions are also worth the money as they are much nicer than a trued factory action. As far as smiths go, TS Customs does all of my smith work for precision rifles. He has good turn around and the rifles I have from him shoot in the teens.
  10. dddoo7

    Good rifle

    It is a custom conversion built by “short action Customs” http://shortactioncustoms.com/desert-tech/ Any other caliber I would go with a barrel from TS Customs. Mine is sub 1/4 moa.
  11. dddoo7

    Good rifle

    Howa Chassis Rifle. Desert Tech will do .223 with a conversion from short action Customs I think it is.
  12. dddoo7

    Good rifle

    HCR is really the one I would choose in all three categories. It typically performs well and is fairly reliable. Next step up in my opinion would be a Desert Tech or a custom build. I really don’t see anything in between that warrants more than $1K. Some of the RPR’s have done well...but many of them have had problems. Enough so that I would not risk buying one.
  13. Also depends on the scope. My tangent Theta is Paralax free past 270 yards. Most scopes that number is about 500 yards. If you have time to adjust it you will shoot more precisely.
  14. I use the small tab gear bag. It has three "sides" for different heights and is small and easy to carry. If you need it taller than the small tab gear will allow then just raise the bipod.
  15. And a Honda Civic can be built to run 10's. However there is an easier way for precision shooting than loading on dillons. Also, people's definition of precision shooting often varies. I am not happy with 1/2 moa. 1/2 moa is easy and probably can be achieved on a Dillon...but sub 1/4 moa is a different game altogether.
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