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  1. how did it get stuck? i would put in another 40 case upside down, and try to push it out that way
  2. anyone use the GRX on completed rounds that doesn't pass case gauge?
  3. what headstamp brass? i had a few blowouts using ramshot competition as well they were all pmc brass
  4. so yours hit point of aim with the front sight dot covering the bullseye?
  5. anyone else hitting really high with their tso 40? i have my rear sight cranked all the way down, it still seems to be 3-4 inches high at 50ft. anyone know the front sight height?
  6. so you had a bullet stuck in the barrel, and you decided to shoot at it with another round?
  7. I understand that 40sw has that reputation for KBs. what is interesting is how cleanly the head sheared off. are you saying this is normal? because I asked around at the match that day, and it seems no one has seen that before. I understand that the case bulged, therefore it must have been lacking chamber support. however, both times, the primer shows a clean firing pin hit right near the center. doesn't that rule out a high primer? imho, that also rules out OOB, because the 2011 cannot fire OOB. is there no other possible way brass can bulge all around like that? again, not trying to argue with anyone, just trying to learn.
  8. after further inspection, I've found that for 40sw, pmc has at least 3 different headstamps. there's .PMC. with the 2 dots and the legs of the M parallel. these seems to be the troublesome ones. there's .PMC. where the legs of the M is slanted, and then there's slanted M with no dots. the latter seems to be much improved. where the wall meets the web, it's nicely radiused, whereas the other 2, it's more of a 90° angle. it almost seems like pmc knew of an issue with their brass and have made changes.
  9. looks exactly like mine. almost looks like the case was assembled from 2 pieces and somehow welded together, contrary to that starline video that shows how brass is made. when you had your blowouts, have your brass been reloaded multiple times? was it range pick up that had been shot from a glock or anything like that? strange that it only happens with lead bullets. I figure pressure is lower with lead at a given PF, right?
  10. i'm relatively unexperienced so please correct me if i'm wrong. i've heard that 2011 is pretty much impossible to fire out of battery. i've tried it with my gun, i can pull the slide back about 3mm and still launch a pencil across the room, but at that point, the barrel still appears to be locked up to the slide. if i pull the slide back any further, i can no longer pull the trigger due to disconnect. and also the barrel starts to cam down, so the firing pin don't line up to the primer anymore. also, i fired about 300 rds that night, most of the extra bulgy cases were pmc, with a couple of oddball cases. it makes me think the cracks are developing inside the cases from be fired and reloaded, which eventually weakens the case wall at that area and causes the bulge to get worse. pmc on the right, win case on the left for comparison the bulge on the pmc appears to be the same height as any of my other brass that i've shot that day. only pmc cases are getting the occasional extra bulginess. and extra bulgy always correspond to the crack inside. when i do the plunk test, the area exposed at the feed ramp is only about half the width of the bulges. could it be a gun problem, like it is unlocking too soon or something? gun seems to be running fine otherwise
  11. so i collected all my brass, went home and inspected them out of about 100 pmc cases, i found about 6 that were bulgier than normal. i look inside the cases and i'm finding cracks where the bulges are i cut one in half to see how deep the crack goes has anyone seen this kind of failure before? i don't believe they were fired out of battery the load is ibejiheads 180gr rnfp with 4.6gr of wst at 1.185 shot out of an sti edge
  12. so at the match last sunday, this happened the head blew clean off. i chalked it up as a fluke, but then it happened again the next weekend at practice. both times, pmc cases
  13. I think the problem for me, with the mbf funnel, is that it expands the case so far down. but when you crimp, you're only crimping the mouth of the case, anything below that is still expanded. I think that's what's failing the gauge for me. if I expanded the case less, I get more chance of lead scraping, but also less case gauge fails. I tried using the Dillon funnel again, and actually got the most success with the gauge. but sometimes bullets would seat crooked and scrape lead. I think I may try the Redding competition seating die next, it's supposed to help with bullet alignment as it seats.
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