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  1. Perhaps the mounting system is a contributing factor as a milled slide does not have that gap.
  2. What? No RATS?.........,.haha
  3. That info is about 15 years old. Tourniquets have saved many lives. I’d recommend some training and carrying a couple.
  4. Zeroed In Armory is a quality shop. I had a 3 day turnaround. Sure you can stick with the big names and pay a lot more........which I have as I have had several slides milled. I am however sending another to ZIA next week.
  5. The Razor is more than a step above the PST......and ridiculous to try and state otherwise. The Steiner glass is even better than the PST.
  6. My older 97B wouldn’t load HPs reliably only FMJs. The angle of the feed ramp would prevent loading as the nose would catch. The newer barrels have corrected the issue, but this has been quite a while ago.
  7. Single Stage Geissele....nothing better
  8. Zeroed In Armory. Outstanding quality, great pricing, and super quick turn around.
  9. If it’s for minimal usage I suppose any will do. A couple things to consider are longevity and quality, as well as the company itself. While some say government contracts really don’t matter I would say otherwise. They get royally abused well past an expected shelf life. Companies like Surefire and KAC will be around a long time. They won’t have to cut corners down the line to stay in the black. You don’t see them laying off hundreds of people or shuffling top management. Sure there’s cheaper and as such varying levels of quality like anything else you buy. It’s quite an investment in
  10. I used to run a variety of aftermarket triggers and have since gone full circle back to just leaving it alone. If one just dry fires and shoot the thing it smooths out just fine.
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