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  1. Anyone know where to find one of these? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. AMG Commander. Picks up the .22 just fine and bluetooth to the ipad or tablet.
  3. Per appendix H7 in the rules - if that's a pistol, it meets the requirements.
  4. KelsonAK


    Time to update and get back in the swing of range diary-ing. This weekend was -17 for the steel challenge match. Had 14 guns signed up so we went with it. 4 stage match - morning flight and afternoon flight. Managed a personal best in 5 to Go and Showdown. Which is good, because the week prior I had been working on both stages in my morning practice sessions. In practice, I had been seeing strings 'consistent' in the 2.5 range for 5 to Go with some in the 2.2 and 2.3 range. blind squirrel practice was in 2.0 range. In match, started on the slow side but landed at 2.50 for last 2 strings. There is still quite a bit of room to pull out time on this stage. Probably another 1.5 seconds in the next 2 months. Showdown followed a similar path - started on the slow side with 2.5 but by string 3 I was hammering out the sub 2 second run I was seeing in practice and may have had an even lower aggregate time if the dreaded 'oops, it's cold and this is a rimfire' malfunction hadn't finally caught up with me.I need to build a better warm bag for the pistol and magazines eventually. Practice typically started in the 2.3/2.4 range for the first pass, and then dropped into the 1.7-1.9 range pretty quickly, so this works for me. Need to sort out how to START with a faster time, but is ok to get a better than 100% time There is probably another second to pull out of this stage with just a little consistency. Other 2 stages were Smoke and Hope and Pendulum. Smoke and hope I had too many make up shots on either the stop plate or plate 2 or 3. I shoot 43125 - so a miss on 3 is a fairly fast make up, but a miss on 2 is a PITA. I just wasn't stopping the gun. When I did it right I was shooting about where I should - in the 1.6 to 1.8 range. When I did it wrong (which was most of the time on saturday) it wound up in the low 2s. Pendulum - I don't think I had a string without a makeup shot. So instead of the 2.5s or 2.3s I shoot in practice I was launching 2.9s and 3s. Guess what I need to work on in live fire next? Practice for this week is largely going to be in the gym doing strength training and dryfire. It's stupid cold out, so I'm going to stay inside. On wednesday when the numbers run, I'll have my first GM. RFPI. This is significant for me because 1) I'm 51. Not 'young eyes' or any of that crap. 2) It's been something that I've wanted to achieve for a long time. 3) now the real work begins, because it's not about the next classification any more - it's about cutting .1s and .05s and just shooting...
  5. I shoot a Ruger 22/45 Mk III in open and a Scorpion in RFPI. I have a ton of ruger magazines that I've tweaked for best performance in the cold and so I'm not in a rush to change much. I might get a second scorpion to run optics or just get another Volquartsen lower to give the same grip frame feel. I like how the 90 Deg mount puts the dot so nicely low that there has not been any difference in presentation for me between irons and dot. Primarily I shoot irons, so having a dot that presents the same has been useful. The CWA wide body is very, very attractive. A friend is getting one and I am sure I'll borrow it in practice a couple of times. The magazines are excellent and the reports are extremely positive about the build quality in general. The Buckmarks seem to either run really well or not at all. Have only seen a couple of Victory guns, and they all went bang. Just not my cup of tea at this point. So... no major changes for equipment this coming season, but after WSSC? Who knows....
  6. Well... you going to bring it out this weekend?
  7. I have noticed that a magazine that I tightened down perfectly indoors at 70 deg, behaves a bit differently outside at 10 deg. Cleaning them, appropriately tensioning them, and then loosening the bolt a little more than I would in summer seems to have helped a lot. I've also kept them warm in a cooler, etc, but biggest was just not over-tightening the bolt and pinching in the back plate.
  8. Yes - the sight radius helps. I haven’t put a dot on it but may do so next spring. Working on GM in irons first Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. I have both. The 6” scorpion for rfpi and a Ruger 22/45 lite with vq internals. I’m reliably faster on most stages with the 6. Will make the Ruger my dot gun. On the scorpion get the single port comp. IMO it works better and is much easier to clean. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. If all goes well you may have two from AK next year Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Are there any steel challenge matches in August in the Houston/Galveston Tx area? Nothing is popping on practiscore or on the steelchallenge website...
  12. Slight point of order... Zack has grown Steel Challenge. I think Mike has mostly stayed out of the way and let him do it... Now if they could update the web site...
  13. As my summer training schedule ramps up... What are people seeing for times in practice vs. times in matches?
  14. Targets USA makes an inline plate rack using their Rhino plates. It's showed up at a few matches around the country so far. I have not shot one but am thinking of putting it into one of the tuesday night USPSA matches at Birchwood.
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