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  1. It doesn't matter, as long as it fits you. I've found the Magpul stock works well for me and is cheap. I set the LOP a bit on the short side vs. a hunting rifle and I got a riser kit so that my cheek weld and the Cmore dot line up right. I've shot the Tacsol thumbhole stock and I like it a lot. I've shot an Axiom stock and it was fine. The Hogue stock is really nice as well. The chassis systems are very cool. When I'm rich, when the rifle is holding me back from the next .1 second, or when I feel like upgrading beyond what I have now I'll probably get one of Todd's
  2. With the Blitz and the Zulu 2.0 - do you disable the secondary spring in the receiver tube that comes with the Zulu?
  3. That handguard looks amazing on that. Reeeeally nice work.
  4. I bought a 10/22 at a pawn shop. Replaced the extractor. Dropped it in a magpul stock and ran that. I think I paid as much for the stock as I did the rifle, actually... I upgraded the trigger by doing a trigger job and that's it. Really - factory sights and all. I've decided that I'll shoot RFRO some this year, so an EGW rail is on it now, (it is the extended rail) and a Cmore 8 MOA dot with a riser on the comb of the magpul stock.... If'n I want to get fancy I'll get a Willand, Tacsol, or Beyer barrel and spring for a Brimstone trigger job, and maybe one of them cool bo
  5. Is there such a thing as too light?
  6. So - dryfire documentation: I am of the opinion that you don't need to or WANT to document every rep. Instead - identify the duration and par time used. As the part time drops - document it. So if I dryfire the draw and I start with a 1 second par time and do that for 1 minute, then drop the par time to .9 for 1 minute - I document that kind of 'block.' I don't care if once I got it at .85 and once I got it at .89 and once I got it at 1.3..... I am documenting my training a bit more coarsely. I still try to have a session goal, I still document solutions and successes. But I do NOT h
  7. I have a lovely Steel Challenge Performance Log that I've made. 200 pages, spiral bound - split between dryfire and live fire practice. Kinda pretty much follows the Lanny B model. If anyone wants one... shoot me a message and we'll figure out how to get you one. I'm on my 4th version of it at this point... I tried doing a spreadsheet and recording it electronically, but I don't take a laptop to the range and I wind up using my phone for video analysis purposes... paper, even in the 21st century - works best for me.
  8. Wait till your perspective changes on Roundabout.....
  9. I go to the range with a specific goal in mind. Sometimes the goal is 'figure out what I need to figure out' - but sometimes it is as specific as 'decrease first shot time in 5 to Go'. Most often, it's figure out what I need to figure out.... I start with a few dry fire reps for trigger control and then shoot a few groups. I will set up a stage - we'll use 5 to Go as an example. I shoot it 'for score' to get a baseline and to identify what specifically I need to work on. I'll look at every shot on the timer. In some cases I'll video the baseline and take a few minutes to re
  10. I use a right side charging handle. Mostly because I'm poor.
  11. For practice... i use my highly calibrated 1 yard pace. I usually get within a foot or 2 that way... For matches, 100 foot tape and 25 foot tape. If I'm feelin froggy I may even mark the ground with some orange marking paint. At our range, which does not have dedicated action bays at this time - if it's down range it gets shot. So the whiskers, survey markers, etc - they all become targets once we leave the bay. Damned people....
  12. I finally got some of the promo CCI clean run through a chrono - and it all came in subsonic instead of 'high velocity' - so I sold it to a dude on the spot so he could run it with his cans.
  13. Todd wound up with Covid and that has put him a bit behind last I heard. He's a good dude - email him and I'm sure he'll get you a status update.
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