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  1. I will be an RO at Talladega. Should be a good match. See you there...
  2. Yes, the match will happen. I'm looking forward to my first Clinton House experience... see y'all there.
  3. SMD is not involved according to Larry Goedhart, MD for all 3GN Regionals this year. This is from the 3GN Regional Series page... About the 3GN Regional Series The 3-Gun Nation Regional Series, capped with 3GN Nationals, is a series of major matches for the 3GN membership. Part 3GN Pro Series, part natural terrain-inspired stage design, 3GN Regionals are comprised of what everyone can expect to see in the sport of 3-Gun. 3GN Regionals are available for any active 3GN Member. Fast, burn-'em down, Pro Series-style bay stages are featured alongside technical, optio
  4. Here is the link for the AM side... https://practiscore.com/am-match-2018-rockcastle-3gun-proam/register
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