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  1. I will be an RO at Talladega. Should be a good match. See you there...
  2. Yes, the match will happen. I'm looking forward to my first Clinton House experience... see y'all there.
  3. SMD is not involved according to Larry Goedhart, MD for all 3GN Regionals this year. This is from the 3GN Regional Series page... About the 3GN Regional Series The 3-Gun Nation Regional Series, capped with 3GN Nationals, is a series of major matches for the 3GN membership. Part 3GN Pro Series, part natural terrain-inspired stage design, 3GN Regionals are comprised of what everyone can expect to see in the sport of 3-Gun. 3GN Regionals are available for any active 3GN Member. Fast, burn-'em down, Pro Series-style bay stages are featured alongside technical, optio
  4. Here is the link for the AM side... https://practiscore.com/am-match-2018-rockcastle-3gun-proam/register
  5. I had trouble with a Mega on a stage at 3GN Nationals. It fed about 10 rounds and then had issues. Later that night I worked on the bottom of the Glock mag a bit more and played around with feeding (pushing the rounds out with my thumb) with different amounts of rounds. I found I needed to "slam" or "knock" the rounds down occasionally as I was loading them to get to a larger quantity that would "feed" properly. It seemed to settle the rounds and I was able to get 50 rounds to work the next day. Have not tried since... I'm wondering if it is ammo related. I shoot 147gr. FP blue bul
  6. This was my first 3GN Nationals.I worked as an RO on stage 6 with A.J. and Chris. We got to shoot in the rain and mud before everyone else got there plus spend a few days enjoying the cool Virginia temperatures while running squads.I may not have shot that well but I learned a few things about stage planning, met several interesting people, and really enjoyed the match.
  7. Have you tried it with the stock hammer spring and the JP trigger spring?
  8. I've picked up the P4xi... waiting on a mount to arrive now. Looking forward to a little magnification as compared to my Spitfire AR.
  9. Mine sheared off too. I emailed them on a Friday evening and had a prepaid postage label printed out on Monday. Please have have your order number ready to give them. I received another bolt quickly after sending mine back. Spinta told me they had changed how those screws are staked. Big improvement over the original.
  10. Thanks for the update, Mike. Looking forward to your version of the Rockcastle Pro/Am. Already started gathering ammo... Ed
  11. They are legal. Taccom has even renamed them a "splice" to help eliminate confusion. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I enjoyed the match too. Nice mix of stages and I liked the simple scoring. I looked for the next 5th Saturday on my way home and set a reminder in my calendar. Can't think of any suggestions for improvement other than trying to keep the barrels in place. The water sounds good in case we run out of what we bring.
  13. At what age does the senior category start? I'm already having senior moments so I could be there.
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