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  1. Gentleman, thanks for the great advice. Keep it coming!!
  2. My son and I have been in the shooting sports for several years. (USPSA, 3gun and some long range stuff). We have shot a couple local steel matches and really enjoy shooting this discipline. I know the old adage “just run what you got” and I’m good with that. We have a couple stock Ruger 10/22s and a Browning Buckmark for a pistol (Already have a PCC and I’m working on a CO gun). But, I know I will want to upgrade our shooting platforms. Would it be wiser to mod the existing guns we have or just go all out custom from the get go? thanks in advance!!
  3. Tan40

    Mark7 Evolution

    Norm, thanks for the link. That was a great read. My press does have the auxiliary guide rod already installed.
  4. Tan40

    Mark7 Evolution

    I have not had any issues with the cases getting stuck in the funnel or drop tube. Yet.
  5. Tan40

    Mark7 Evolution

    I ordered after SHOT. Individually
  6. Tan40

    Mark7 Evolution

    I received my Evolution two days ago. My only real issue was a bad power cord on the Mr. Bulletfeeder. Mark7 sent out a new one.(I haven’t received it yet, but went to Beat Buy and picked one up for 5 bucks. I couldn’t wait to get it moving). So last night I set up everything and started cranking out 223 freedom pills. Before I could blink I needed to add primers. I am extremely impressed with the engineering of this machine. It’s operation is top notch. To clarify, I have only loaded 100rds so far so this is not an in-depth, it’s a perfect machine review. I’m just saying my initial “new toy” knee jerk reaction is I liked loaded 223 on this machine better than I like loading 223 on my Dillon. I’ll post more once I have more time on the machine. I currently own 5 Dillon presses and one Hornady Lock N Load AP. So I do have a lot of experience on several different loading presses. Having the ability to process and load rifle ammo is what drew me to this press. I am still waiting on the M7 trimmer and die, but if it ends up being as good as the rest of the machine then the wait will be worth it. (M7 says I should have it next week). If if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.
  7. Tan40

    Need a new sand bag

    Short Action Precision makes a very nice light rear bag. Three different side heights for different situations and has a quick release strap to keep it connected to your gun. I own two, they are great. I also have a GameChanger and it is very nice as well but more of a barricade (general use) front bag. Good luck.
  8. Tan40

    Mark7 Evolution

    I called a couple weeks ago and was told my July order was pushed to August as well. Bummer, but what do you do?!
  9. Tan40

    Favorite optic for PCC

    It should be.
  10. Tan40

    Precision rifle for $2,000

    Masterpiece Arms also has a production PRS gun under 2000. And that chassis is awesome!!
  11. Tan40

    Mark7 Evolution

    That looks awesome. Mine was originally supposed to ship in late June. Now they say August. I can’t wait!!!!
  12. Tan40

    Akai, CKarms, Eddie Garcia, limcat

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned Lone Star Innovations. Glen builds excellent guns and is a great guy. He is now also making his own metal 2011 grips. I can’t wait to get one. You would doing yourself a great disservice if you didn’t look LSI as you are considereing builds.
  13. Tan40

    Switch Lug Design

    Thought? Ideas? Anyone have real world experience with the Switch Lug actions? Are they reliable? Looking at a MPA with Curtis Custom Axiom with the Switch Lug design. Thanks in advance
  14. Tan40

    trijicon 1-8 vs razor gen2 1-6

    I agree ^^. I have owned both and the Razor is the best choice. I know glass appearance is subjective but the Razor shines in this department. Plus the eye box is more forgiving, which is great for positional shooting.