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  1. This was a local match. Pretty common practice to leave the gun at the safe table while using the outhouse or running out to the parking lot. I guess it's mostly a locally accepted etiquette to leave the gun visibly safe. No, I wouldn't leave it laying around at a larger match either. Thanks for your comments.
  2. Please excuse me if this has already been asked and answered BUT...Is there actually a rule that mandates that a firearm is cleared and locked open if left unattended in the safety area? I looked, but couldn't find anything specific. If it IS a violation, what is the penalty? Thanks.
  3. MRBerg Sorry to take so long getting back. How does OAL affect things? I load at about 1.200" for feed in 1911s.
  4. xrayfk05 It wouldn't surprise me if somehow we had the same issue. I'm going to go to coated bullets I think.
  5. These things tumbled in two different barrels, and they measure .400"....Like I said, West Coast corrected the problem, It's just frustrating that they won't tell me why the one batch failed.
  6. Hi everyone, I've been away for some time! So I'm using West Coast plated 180gr. RNFP in my .40 limited guns. One has a well-used Scheuman barrel, and the other a brand spankin' new Nowlin. One lot of these bullets (I had at least 3K) would tumble to the point that I couldn't reliably hit a 12" plate at 10 yards, and could very well throw a miss on a metric target at 15! The bullets that hit were obviously going through sideways. I did all the usual, checked for too much crimp, checked for not enough bell...no good. So I call West Coast, give them the lot#, and they say send them back, we'll replace them. They were very good about replacing 3K that I had left. I loaded the new bullets without changing a thing with the load or the press, and proceeded to go out and shoot a 1 3/4" group offhand at 25 yards! (Way better than usual) Thing is, West Coast will give me no explanation for why the other lot was so crappy, and not knowing is driving me nuts. Does anyone have an idea what may have caused the first lot to be so erratic??
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