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  1. It was a great match! Thanks for all the hard work you put into it. Hopefully I will be classified in limited now! Thanks!
  2. Has anyone had a problem with the slide locking back after the last round? I have the CZC base pads, followers and 13 coil springs and it does not lock back at all after the last round. Then again it does hold 21+1 in .40
  3. Thin aluminium for me with a major grip reduction for me, small hands.
  4. I use Lanolin and Isopropyl alcohol, it leaves a waxy finish on them and run great through the redding GRX and Dillion SDB.
  5. I have one without an accu bushing and I don't think there is anyway it can do 1.5 at 50yd. The gun and barrel are fairly loose compared to a 1911.
  6. I have a pair of Danners that I bought at an army surplus store for $20 and they are the best boots I'v ever owned/ worn.
  7. Does anyone know the dimensions on a CZ tactical sport grip screw? I don't like the way they feel on the thin grips, thinking about a flat top allen type.
  8. Great idea! Never thought about making my own. I am always loosing those dumb little pins. Thanks!
  9. I did cut mine at a slight slant. Seems not to dig into my thumb as bad when I release the magazine.
  10. I used a Dremel tool and then sanded flat and smooth on a flat surface. I think I still need to remove more material as my palm still digs into it. And I have small hands.
  11. Do any of you who own tactical sports have the original safety laying around that they would like to sell? I want to start a project and would like a backup just in case I screw it up. Thanks
  12. I really liked a 155gr bayou. I shoot a 200gr at major. Same powder charge and same OAL. 200gr major 170pf 155gr minor 132pf
  13. 135gr bayou out of an 9mm STI trojan for me. Butterly soft
  14. 3.3-3.4 gr of 700x 200gr bayou loaded to 1.130" 168-172pf Out of CZ tac sport
  15. I just got the .215T from dawson today. I will report back when I verify zero with factory rear sight.
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