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  1. Bradgsrx, have you put pictures of your port on here? I'd like to see what it looks like if you wouldn't mind. This could be a deal breaker for me. Twins are fast, but quads are where I have an extra edge on a lot of other shooters. Too bad to have such a great gun and mess it up on one part. Not to say the gun isn't still awesome, but a gun that can't quad load easily isn't a gun I am looking to fork money out on. I'm hoping someone on here has figured a way to make it work, because I really want this gun.. I haven't seen any videos on YouTube or anything of people loading this gun for spee
  2. Looking at retiring my 930 to a backup gun position for one of these. Shot one earlier this month at a match and was very impressed, but had a major problem with quad loading it. Shells kept on getting hung up on that edge, and that looks like a common problem most are having. I've read through the thread and have seen all the pictures of the opened loading ports, which would be a must have for me. Just wanted to see if this has been a real fix for getting quads in FAST? If you take your time, you can quad load anything, but can you get this gun to the feeling of an open ported Benelli, 930, S
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