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  1. You are correct. I bought an STI thinking that would improve my scores, it didn't...
  2. I scrolled down to say exactly this and see that I was beat.
  3. I'm a member (and president) of one very small range. There's one about 45 minutes away that holds USPSA matches that I am not a member of.
  4. Do it, the more I shoot bolt action the more I want to go to an AR10 just because.
  5. A red dot on a rifle or pistol has made it way easier for me to keep both eyes open.
  6. I like 6 moa, big enough to find without covering the whole target.
  7. Anyone try ultra sonic cleaners? I haven't but that seems like it would do a good job.
  8. So say I'm an A in Limited and I shoot enough classifiers in Prod. and CO I'll be a B no matter how bad of a day I had?
  9. I'm not sure how a town where 2/3rds of the buildings are bars could be Hell.....
  10. I shoot isosceles, I like to have my whole body facing right at the target (if I'm not moving anyway.)
  11. I have never wanted a PCC more. I've been on the fence for a while but this could get me talked into it.
  12. Everyone has done that, if they say they haven't they're either new or lying. ?
  13. I start at the top and zig zag
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