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  1. You are correct. I bought an STI thinking that would improve my scores, it didn't...
  2. I scrolled down to say exactly this and see that I was beat.
  3. wally247

    Decapping before you clean brass

    I deprime rifle cases so they dry faster. With straightwalls I don't bother.
  4. I'm a member (and president) of one very small range. There's one about 45 minutes away that holds USPSA matches that I am not a member of.
  5. wally247

    Can I compete with a gasser

    Do it, the more I shoot bolt action the more I want to go to an AR10 just because.
  6. A red dot on a rifle or pistol has made it way easier for me to keep both eyes open.
  7. wally247

    dot size

    I like 6 moa, big enough to find without covering the whole target.
  8. wally247

    Cleaning Comp on Open gun

    Anyone try ultra sonic cleaners? I haven't but that seems like it would do a good job.
  9. wally247


    So say I'm an A in Limited and I shoot enough classifiers in Prod. and CO I'll be a B no matter how bad of a day I had?
  10. wally247

    Hello from Hell, Michigan

    I'm not sure how a town where 2/3rds of the buildings are bars could be Hell.....
  11. wally247

    Favorite shooting technique

    I shoot isosceles, I like to have my whole body facing right at the target (if I'm not moving anyway.)
  12. I have never wanted a PCC more. I've been on the fence for a while but this could get me talked into it.
  13. wally247

    Best Single tip for running a good stage

    Know where all of the targets are.
  14. Welcome to the group!
  15. wally247

    Shoot ALL the Targets Dummy!!!

    Everyone has done that, if they say they haven't they're either new or lying. ?