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  1. Your going to love your new Labradar. Easiest machine i ever owned. The lag time between shots is tolerable, it is crunching a lot of data in that couple of seconds.
  2. I havent seen anything, they missed the whole shooting season so their must be some problem in getting it to work right. maybe it will work, but if you hit it with a bullet you have to buy a new unit, not just a screen or rod. My money is on Labradar.
  3. If you don't have pistol with a rail, your SOL. Labradar is the way to go. Works with EVERYTHING
  4. I have the Labradar and have never regretted it. No worrying about clouds, sun, all the other stuff that messes with optical chronos.
  5. For suppressors put the radar about 6 inches in front of the muzzle and about 6 inches to the side. It never misses.
  6. Buy a Labradar, it wont jump in front of the bullet and it will be the only one you will ever buy so its a good investment. Love mine, no more light issues, etc.
  7. I set it on a tripod in front of my bench if my barrel is too long like when i use a suppressor. Otherwise i use a mini tripod. Its amazingly accurate.
  8. My suggestion is to go with the Labradar. Mine has been hugely reliable, and i get perfect data with my 9mm, 223 and 308. The only time i ever miss a shot is if i forget to arm it. I love the new app and how it averages Power Factor on each shot, or i can see it on each shot. It did take them a while, but as a friend once told me, "do you want a rifle, or a rifle that shoots well". Its worth the money. When you think about it, if they had not told people the app was coming out then just deployed it nobody would be whining about it. I think you will be really happy with it. When i had questions they had great tech support by guys that actually use it.
  9. I'll bet it was something in your gun postiton changed. Go to their webpage and look for DOWNLOADS. they have a new quick start guide that is very helpful.
  10. Its too bad LR wont work for you. That is interesting results with your Magnetospeed. I used to have a V3 (sold it for a labradar) my V3 would always shift the POI on both my Ruger 308 and my Rem 700 308. I just got tired of shooting for velocity, taking the magneto off and then shooting for group. It was an okay unit, but with the Labradar i could get the velocity from all my shots so i had a better statistical base than just a few shots for velocity. It took me a while to find the right load for my Ruger PR, i too finally settled on 4064, Varget and others just did not group my Hornady 168s very good. I dont shoot the V3 with handguns, but i loaned mine to a friend who complained it was always shifting around and he couldnt get it tight enough.
  11. That can be the difference in Chonographs. None of them read the same. If you know anyone with a Labradar try it. They are the gold standard for accuracy.
  12. It might be because the sensors ended up moving over time. If the get tilted just one or two degrees inward or outwards it changes the distance that the bullet travels before the sensors "see it" since optical sensors operate off a time/distance based calculation ANY change in alignment will greatly affect the accuracy. I suggest the doppler radar based model called Labradar. it cost a little more, but it will never get shot and it is extremely accurate in any light condition, etc. Time to put a bullet through yours and end the misery.
  13. i would use a Labradar if you can afford it. It works great indoors since you don't have to worry about lights like normal chronographs.You do need at least 15 yards for it to work good. I saw the guys comment on 3 of them not working at a match. I have a question about how they were used since there is about a dozen of them at my shooting club and no one has had any problems. Sounds more like they were not using it correctly.
  14. I've got over 1,000 9mm and 45 ACP by my Labradar, never missed a shot. Just follow the instruction manual.
  15. UPS or whatever gorilla type delivery service must have been pretty rough it. You do not need to turn if off to get back to the menu. In the manual, section 4.3.4 it tells you to hold down on the Armed button for 2 seconds and it will take you back to the review menu. You do not need to be exactly in the center of the unit for it to work. Make sure you are on trigger level 1, muzzle EVEN with the unit, not in front of it. Watch all the YouTube videos they made to help explain what is in the manual. They really break it down so you can see how to do it. They are a remarkable tool. I never miss a shot anymore.
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