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  1. "Ok, this is going to suck, but just control the muzzle and get up. There's the finger, as far away as it can get from the trigger, no problems..." Funny how slow the falling felt, like it took 3 seconds, I had easily enough time to make all the landing preparations.
  2. Hi! My 650 just started doing this. The shellplate doesn't index fully, and the whole ramhead seems to tilt sideways at the end of the stroke. It isn't loose if I try to move it with my hand though. I can't see what's tilting it. And is the case insert slide supposed to have supposed to have this much sideways play as I demonstrate in the video? The primer system assembly isn't loose, the whole thing that it's bolted to moves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmxnPReD0iA&feature=youtu.be Edit: DOH! Of course, the bolts that hold the ramhead platform were loose. Back to rock'n roll!
  3. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0438315/ Starring Nick Nolte, Scott Mechlowicz. I bet this movie was partly written by Brian! "Where are you? -Here. What time is it? -Now. What are you? -This moment?"
  4. I've noticed, that for some reason, 1st stage seems to be the best stage for me. I've won a few, the one I remember best was 1st stage of biggest match of the year, with standard gun, after year and a half of shooting open only. There's something with the slight extra attention or something.
  5. I got two mags with Grams followers, and the other one doesn't work. The follower gets slightly out from between the mag lips, and hits the slide when the mag runs empty, resulting in a mighty jam. I noticed that this follower reads Grams S9 in the bottom, and the working one says Grams T. The S9 is 1.8mm shorter back to front than the T, so I guess this must be from a 9mm mag? What markings should a .40SW follower have?
  6. Hi! I've loaded 9, 38, 40 and 223, with my 550 so far, and now I bought a new 650 for this. I'm planning to start reloading 45, which needs big primers. Should I sell the 550 and get a conversion for 650, or save it. Just how annoying and slow is the big/small primer change in 650?
  7. Another fun extra is to add a time, running at the bottom of the screen like in real sports events. Check the real overall time from the scores, and sync it to the last shot. It really pinpoints the places where you lose or gain time.
  8. Try a Saul Kirsch -style grip, where you build up the grip to fit YOUR hand exactly. Makes a huge difference, especially for the left hand. I'm totally addicted.
  9. Hi! I'd love if someone with one of those cameras could post a short video of shooting. Why? I'm in a market for my new camera, after my old one died, and I want to know the sound quality for recording gunshots. Yes, a request you could only see here... The old camera had a good sound, and I've heard some cameras where a gunshot distorts the sound so badly that I'd want to mute the whole audio track. As the main use for this camera will be documenting matches, it would really suck if the sound was unuseable.
  10. I just got my new 650, and while assembling it, when I tightened the screw that is supposed to stop casefeeder from rotating on the post, the helicoil insert came out from the plastic of the casefeeder body. Ouch! How do I fix it? I was thinking about putting "metal" epoxy into the hole and re-drilling it. As the stupidity is strong in me, please stop me before I ruin it further.
  11. Well, I got the Ultramag. Then, with the Redding carbide GRX-die it was so easy, that I sold the Ultramag and got the T7. The cases almost go through the die with the weight of the handle alone. The previous push-thru size must have been undersized, since I often needed to jump on the handle and kick it down, and it was a horrible job. Now, the cases sized with that old die don't even touch the die when I push them trough the Redding die... And the T7 is awesome! The push through, and all my rifle dies found a permanent home in the turret.
  12. Could I put the center bolt into lathe and take away the thickness of the washers from the underside of the bolt?
  13. Hi, thanks, I already got a set coming to my way, thanks MI_Packer.
  14. Hi, I'd need three sets of these parts here in Finland. Could someone send those, I'll pay with Paypal?
  15. Do you mean this mag? http://www.caspianarms.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=CAL&Product_Code=M46H40Q&Category_Code=M46
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