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    Outside of God, my wife and six kids, and my country my passions are coyote hunting, deer hunting ( bow, handgun and rifle), USPSA and a little IDPA and 3 gun. I used to shoot IHMSA and a little trap, skeet and sporting clays. I truly believe that the only hope for America is for a nation wide repentance of sin and for folks to turn to the Lord for salvation.
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  1. After reading all of the rave reviews on the D60, I finally bought one. Other than being slow to load, it seemed to work fine in practice. The first time I used it in a match, I had an issue twice where the loading lever popped up and obviously the rounds refused to feed. I finally resorted to putting a rubber band around the magazine body and latch to hold it in place. Has anyone else had this problem? In spite of the many complaints against the Surefire, I have never had any issues with the ones that I have.
  2. I know. I had issues with mine when I first received it and when I sent it back I mentioned the oversized throats but apparently they were within tolerances.
  3. A .358 can actually be pushed through mine. My 627 has tighter throats than my 929.
  4. So far the only brass that I have had issues with is the Tula brass stuff. Rims are too loose for the clips.
  5. Accuracy is good. Not sticky at all. Using mixed range brass and revolver supply nickel plated .035 clips.
  6. HS 6 is too dirty for a revolver. You will get unburnt powder under the extracter and mess up your reloads.
  7. I use 3.2 grains of Red Dot, .358 147gr RN Blue Bullet seated at 1.170. Sized with Lee U die and crimped with factory crimp die. Makes 133pf and cases eject smoothly. With a scope it will do consistently under 3" at 50 yards.
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