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    Outside of God, my wife and six kids, and my country my passions are coyote hunting, deer hunting ( bow, handgun and rifle), USPSA and a little IDPA and 3 gun. I used to shoot IHMSA and a little trap, skeet and sporting clays. I truly believe that the only hope for America is for a nation wide repentance of sin and for folks to turn to the Lord for salvation.
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  1. After reading all of the rave reviews on the D60, I finally bought one. Other than being slow to load, it seemed to work fine in practice. The first time I used it in a match, I had an issue twice where the loading lever popped up and obviously the rounds refused to feed. I finally resorted to putting a rubber band around the magazine body and latch to hold it in place. Has anyone else had this problem? In spite of the many complaints against the Surefire, I have never had any issues with the ones that I have.
  2. I too really like the Racemaster. I was nervous at first but so far all my fears were unfounded. When it is locked, it is extremely secure. I liked the Bladetech with the 627 V-comp and got another for the 929 but with the longer barrel it was just too much to draw from!
  3. I have two and have been happy with them. They both shoot very well. With a scope they both will stay around the 3" mark for 8 rounds at 50 yards. Both have been very reliable at 5lbs for the trigger. I don't have a lot of experience but like the way they feel better than my 5" 625 or V-comp.
  4. I bought a second 929 as a backup last fall and finally took it out today to play with. Pulling the trigger slowly and watching the hammer you can see very noticeable movement side to side. Does that mean the hammer post is bent and does that warrant a trip back to the factory? Thanks!
  5. I haven't shot a match yet that requires a sling on a rifle but will be shooting one in a couple months. What is considered the best way to attach the sling? Only type that I have ever used are the standard quick detachable type but see now that there is quite a variety out there! Are there any matches that require a sling on a shotgun? Thanks!
  6. REV Arms makes some 16" barrels. I have been happy with one of their uppers.
  7. Appendix D4 21.5 They are legal as long as you make weight
  8. I wasted a lot of time trying out aftermarket firing pins and after breaking several of different brands went back to the factory one. As long as it is .495 I didn't find any advantage to the extended ones.
  9. Probably the safest bet! Kill two birds with one stone. Thanks
  10. I would like to get the box USPSA uses to measure production/single stack but can't find one for sale anywhere. Anybody know where I can get one? Thanks.
  11. I have a Canyon Creek 4P 9mm package with tungsten guide rod and was wondering if it would make weight for production using the Springer Precision .25 base pads. I think these are legal for production, correct me if I am wrong. Thanks!
  12. I was curious what your extended round group size is. I shot 50 rounds the other day, leaning over a bench, reasonably steady, and shot a twenty round group and a 30 round group as quickly as I could change magazines. Both were about two and a half inches not counting about three fliers which opened them up to about 3 inches. I shot as fast as I could get a reasonable sight picture. I would be interested to know what kind of groups others are getting under those conditions.
  13. I know. I had issues with mine when I first received it and when I sent it back I mentioned the oversized throats but apparently they were within tolerances.
  14. A .358 can actually be pushed through mine. My 627 has tighter throats than my 929.
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