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    VP40 - different versions

    It's not lem as the vp series are all striker fired. The differencesc should be 10 round vs 13 round mags then regular sights vs night sights. And le should also have 3 mags vs standard 2. I'm not sure if the LE can be had with 10 round mags. I'd assume it could and that would be all 4 variations. Eta. Yup. http://www.crosscreekguns.com/VP40.html.
  2. Ipsilateral

    Post a Pic of your CZ's

    Just got back from CGW, SP01 with the defensive gun package and converted to SAO, left the fire pin block in place, trigger break he reported as 3#7oz,
  3. Ipsilateral

    CZ 75 SP-01

    I'm having this issue with my wife's SP01, the issue is that this routinely causes the next rounds to nose dive and fail to feed, the forum won't let me post the pictures yet. I've got a new slide stop ordered to grind it down.
  4. Ipsilateral

    Production legal base pads?

    Thank you, for the replies, I'm going to try out some of your base pads,
  5. Ipsilateral

    Production legal base pads?

    I've got a SP-01, I prefer the factory mags, but at $50 a pop, seems silly when i can only use 10 rounds for production, and when I can get these (brownell's part number 625-000-027WB CZ 75 9mm Blue 16 Rnd. Mfr Part: MGCZ7516B) for $20 with a dealers discount. The SP-01 base pads fit these, but won't fit the gun, are there any other production legal options to make these a viable option?