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  1. Per Number look up... this is a lie.
  2. You plant extremely hard which causes massive movement in the sights on entry. This will slow you down on your first shots if you are truly aiming... or more likely... cause poor hits or mikes in matches. Work on deceleration steps and soft entries to help with that. It will decrease time dramatically when done correctly. It will also allow a better base to explode out of for existing. Not to mention it keeps you lower in position vs. stand up so tall. Which causes loss of time on both the stand up and the squat back down to explode out.
  3. Our area for 3 gun kinda sucks. Everything you said and some other stuff is why I quit fully and just shoot USPSA now. BTW... I miss your wife's baking.
  4. We cant keep red dots working and you want to add additional electronics inside the gun. LOL
  5. You can re upload to practiscore as well as submit a correction to USPSA if the report file was already uploaded.
  6. Ive been doing this for 3 years now. Lots of powder and live primers in that thing. Ill post photos of my undies after it blows for you guys.
  7. MA systems. They are used on Star, Camdex, Mark 7 Revolution, and other commercial offerings. They are like 2K (Last I heard). Hard to get anyone on the phone over there. https://m-asystems.com/
  8. Feedinator is a hunk of s#!t. The Dillon upgrades are just that... Dillon upgrades. You will have issues periodically regardless of the additional fixes you put in place. The only true casefeed upgrade for the roll sizer or any fast automated press is the MA casefeeder. But that breaks the bank for most.
  9. Thats already been done by a few.
  10. This seems less like needing/wanting a sponsor and more about cutting costs. Start reloading... Help out as staff with matches to cut costs (Assuming your local club offers free match fees for set up or staff capacity)... Buy used equipment on here... Dry fire until your hands bleed, then dry fire some more. I have lots of friends who excel at this game on a shoe string budget. Whether it be sharing presses for reloading... sleeping in their car for matches... cutting major costs in their everyday lives. Plenty of people have made GM this way. If you have a true passion for this, it can be done.
  11. I can attest to how little Alex has gotten over the years. His local club actually paid for a lot of his match fees when he was a junior but outside that, a small SNS stipend along with what he earns from his code is about all hes really getting. Until a recent CZ signing. Waiting to see what that truly produces. Maybe a job?
  12. The owners of those companies dont take credit for the skill of the users who use their products.
  13. No idea as it was a complete build cost. Its always best to review pricing with Don as hes rarely ever is making matching pistols with matching parts. He most often builds off a list of parts from his customers or they send him a box of parts.
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