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  1. ZH It's all about the rules, how to enforce them and how to dodge them. Whatever you come up with, I would have one catagory without rules. Kind of like the "steroid olympics" , where man and technology shows what might be possible and it would be impossible to cheat. It would also be a great catogory for the guys with the little johnsons to finally recognize that side-stepping the rules only brings more rules and it don't help the little guy down there get any bigger.
  2. Barlin

    The Snake and the Frog

    Great post Odie, Win, lose, success and failure are man made concepts. Life in conflict is mankinds disease.
  3. Well Done!! Jim, I can remember being the new guy at several clubs and invariably at my arrival someone would corner me and spell out the range rules and do some fishin' into my experience and competence. This was not an insult to my skills but a reassurance that safety was rule #1. I am not sure how you screen an unknown shooter, whether with a class or just an informal vist. But you need to know a few things before an unknown shooter steps to the line. I also can't decide which is more frightening, an inexperienced shooter that doesn't know the safety rules or an expirienced RO that choos
  4. Hey I didn't mean to come off as a troll. My hating air gunners comment, I see now was harsh and far to general. My definition of "air gunner" is not a persons style of evaluating a stage by counting steps or shots. What I was talking about is a group of guys that after every shooter enter the stage like the opening act of swan lake walking in slow-motion with exaggerated movements. They interfere with the taping and target resets and the brass pickers. They are rude and always delay the next shooter in getting the range cleared. They add an hour of standing in the hot sun to the match. I know
  5. It's getting to be like in grade school, when you got to take an "open book" test. What did your test score mean when you were finished? Isn't part of the game quick analysis, quick decision and quick shot? The game gets dull when advantage triumphs over skill. Just post a stage diagram and get to shooting. I swear if a stage only consisted of a " Bill Drill", when the range clear was given 14 guys would be trying to crowd into the shooters box to "air gun" the stage. I hate air gunners.
  6. Barlin

    History Lesson

    What a fun and clever tale. Perfectly suited for the HUMOR FORUM, where 99.9% of the jokes are not true.
  7. Sort of drifting.. Does anyone have any opinions on how your occupation might affect your trigger control? For example writing, typing or swinging a hammer, anything where your fingers are all working together. Could it be that you could spend a half hour dry firing, focusing on isolating your trigger finger. Then spend 8 hours at work and erase all that you did the night before? I certainly know the frustration that Stuck in C is describing.
  8. Sam, Wow, that poetic. I can't improve upon Sam's thoughts but I would add something that I tell my sons nearly everyday and this 'you are what you are and be proud of that'. No matter how you define what we do, either sport, game or self-defense training, we are what we are. It is not in our mission statement to enter into the pro-gun debate, that is the personal responsibility of each of us as gun owners, not the USPSA. It serves no purpose to geld ourselves in a hopeless attempt to win the approval of the media or that it is vital to increase our membership roles with converted 'antis' by o
  9. Now if they only made self-warming slide-glide... You know... For those cold days.
  10. Kind of off-topic, but a plate rack is well worth the cost or effort to get kids focused on shooting and less on hearing the gun go boom. I built a ten place rack on salvaged iron. The plates are hinged with 1/2" re-bar and 3/4" angle. It is crude and ugly and it weighs a ton. It is on skids salvaged from some kind of cattle trough. My kids blaze away with their 22's and love it and I admit I shoot it more than I probably should.
  11. Merlin, Beautiful set up, but is the golf cart considered steel or is there an "A" zone?
  12. I don't know Ron but I interpreted the article as EricW explained. I thought the pot shot at IDPA was cheap and set an aggressive tone for the rest of the article. TGO has been and always will be an anomaly. He is like no-other. With that in mind the goal should always be, that stages are designed to allow shooting skill to compensate for arthritic knees and watery eyes. I am not old but I can damn sure see it from here.
  13. I have never seen an ad, that made me want to go out and buy something, but this one comes close. It is a tasteful and stylish ad in the mode of Mr. & Mrs Smith. Featuring J-Go in a stunning "little black dress" and some other guy... I think. Respectfully posted, Barlin
  14. Steve, Very thought provoking tale. Should be in the Zen forum. The seeds of change sown by the weathered hand of a stranger, in a Kentucky Fried Chicken joint. Wait, better leave the KFC out, it alters the mystery of the moment. In all seriousness, Steve how often are our minds, like a stream, be redirected when a small pebble is placed in its path. Maybe your stream is about to become less turbulent. Or it could be your new beginning involves crushing chest pains and a tunnel of light from eating all that fried chicken. All joking aside I hope your "rough go of it" gets better.
  15. Carinab, I wish I could explain, but I not much for symbolism or multi-dimensional metaphors but just a guess would be Rupaul meets Timothy Leary. A tradional winter sports theme. As for the events, I think curling could be easily replaced by ice fishing also I think the Nordic Combined ( cross country/ shooting) could be further combined with Free Style Snow Boarding. Where the "Boarders" performed through a hail of Nordic rifle fire in hopes of sparing the world one more interview of " DUDE, Man I knew I had to go totally rad ..."
  16. He must have grown up down stream from the Chernobyl Power plant, and his family jewels are probably harder than diamonds. Is that a camel hair sweater he has on?
  17. Barlin


    Unfortunatly the original joke was not to far from the truth. About 10 years ago the greens and the reds (our fed gov) teamed up to come up with an alternative to lethal predator control. The solution was coyote birth control. The idea was before breeding season dart the bitch with a substance to prevent esterus (how 'bout a hollow-point), anyway for some perverse reason they wanted to watch coyotes mating. So a reasearch center was set up and loyal gov employees took shifts watching, ready to record coyote coupling. (what a job). So after 3 months and $85000 of tax payer money. It was disc
  18. Jan 4th was my one year anniversary. I chewed a can of copenhagen a day, everyday for 20 years. I will never go back. That crap was the single most important thing in my life. I was never without it and I spent alot of time devoted to making sure I never ran out. I gained 40# this year and I view that as my vile addiction's last attempt on my life. So I am trying to lose the weight but am overjoyed at no longer being a prisoner to that little round can.
  19. Erik's original post, nearly three years ago demonstrates, both the light and dark side of gaming. The light side being the use of cleverness and stategy to advance your score. And I would submit that the comment from the peanut gallery was unsportsmanlike at best and at worst was an attempt neutralize free thinking of the other competitors with the threat of ridicule, thus adance your score by attempting to keep everyone else's score low. Clearly a violation of rule 4.18.32 "Don't be a chicken shit" and is worthy of a DQ ,IMHO. Barlin
  20. Dirtypool, Lets review the facts. 1. High society South American celebration. 2. You Can't dance. 3.You are expected to dance with your fiance' s mother and sisters. 4. YOU CAN'T DANCE!!!!! 5. Traditional South American celebrations included human sacrifice. Salsa may not be your dance but your condiment. RUNAWAY! RUNAWAY!!
  21. Barlin


    When the Government takes on the role of protecting us from ourselves, who will protect us from our government? Oops! sorry about the political speak, But Erik appears to be about to cross the threshold from the "land of reds'' to the "land of red states'' and I want his transition to go smoothly. So farewell comrade EriK and come on in E. Dubya. and take your shoes off and set a spell. All jokes aside, I think it was Thomas Jefferson that said "he that chooses safety over liberty does not value freedom"
  22. Is that a Prick Lee Pear in your pocket or are you just glad to... I'm sorry, I thought I could be the one to do the cheap and obvious reply, but alas I cannot. I will say though, that I'll bet Merlin doesn't have hair growing in the palm of his hand or need glasses
  23. Do you remember the book "Real Men Don't Eat Quiche"? When I was in college the author was doing the book tour. At a gathering at the U of Dub in Laramie a girl from the audience asked . After sex does the "Real Man" sleep on the wet spot? His reply was that "Real Men" don't bother to think about it because after sex the entire bed was wet and he simply goes to sleep. Everyone, men and women alike stood and cheered. 20 yrs later I don't think the response would be the same. As a real man I have unwavering respect for my wife for the courage it takes to be a mother. But the gross part about
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