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  1. Is there any way to shorten up the reset lenght on the EAA Witenss Elite Limited? I am used to the very short reset of a 1911 trigger and seem to keep missing the reset on this during matches. Does anyone make a different trigger bar etc to help this? Kurt
  2. I do realize that this is an old thread but, does Henning still make the sidewinder slide racker for the Tanfoglio guns? I am looking for one.... Kurt
  3. Thank you, this is awesome! I will try to do this and see if it helps....
  4. I have a DVC on order, and will check when it gets here Wednesday, Brazo's states it ships with 2-140mm mags.... Kurt
  5. I will second this, he made a 1911 for me that is the most reliable and magnificient handgun I own!!! Kurt
  6. I hit the jackpot and found one in stock today!! I have been shooting a Tanfoglio Elite Limited which will go up for sale and be replaced by this one! I hope I like the trigger on this and it runs well for me.
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