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  1. Depends on what you use it for. If you're leisurely punching holes at the range, the factory sights will be fine, in fact more accurate than the Dawson. If you're in competition and need to get a fast sight picture, and "good enough" fast, tactical accuracy, you want something narrower.
  2. Another for Dawson .100. For older eyes such as mine definitely helps. In the opposite direction, I have Tru-Glo TFOs on a couple of XDM Compacts, and there is almost no gap in the sights, which is noticeably slower to pick up. I do okay in IDPA with them where the distances are short, and aim not as critical, but the Dawson's are faster.
  3. I was shooting the Freedom Munition 180gr, which seems to be factory loaded to just barely make major, which is good. Now that they are in bankruptcy and the QC on their ammo has reportedly gone down the toilet, I'll have to find something else when my stash runs out. I don't shoot USPSA enough to bother reloading for it, just 9mm.
  4. Check this out: https://www.ammoland.com/2018/02/defense-against-bears-with-pistols-97-success-rate-37-incidents-by-caliber/#axzz5Es1NBCBn
  5. The extra length on the 5.25 doesn't matter since there's no sight radius considerations. I've got a Venom on mine, like it. I've only competed a couple of times, definitely needs some getting used to acquiring the sight picture quickly.
  6. Having the slide machined to a particular optic would be a little like the tail wagging the dog. If the battery life is really as you say I may as well get a DeltaPoint Pro which has the motion feature and a multi-month battery life in addition to OSP support. My aim was a rig I could shoot some in Carry Optics, and have as a nightstand gun where I could depend on it to come on when needed without a switch, and not have a dead battery. I didn't want to spend $500-600 for the high end dots. At least in a pushbutton bedside safe the optic won't be coming on all the time to drain the battery. I pick up the OSP tomorrow from the transfer but will throw my Venom on it for the short term.
  7. Based on my research this is my best option, combining motion activation with 50k hour battery life and other features I want. The problem is mounting it. According to Sig it probably does not match any of the OSP plates. A Romeo 3 mounts to an RTS mount, but Sig tells me they're different mounts despite similar size bases. For a lot more money Sig sells a kit that fits the XDM dovetail, but I don't want that, besides which then I didn't need an OSP. Does anyone have any insights on this?
  8. I've used 9mm in .40 with no problems whatsoever, shooting many matches that way. I have the 140mm extensions installed on 9mm bodies, so when I shoot major I use those for .40.
  9. My non-scientific data says I see slightly more XDMs now then when I started three years ago. I love my 5.25 9mm so much I went major with a 5.25 .40 last year. Despite all the bad press about how a .40 is tougher to shoot I can shoot it as comfortably and well as my 9. Like others have said, there will always be a segment chasing the latest fad. Add to that, the market is much more fragmented now. My spin on Glock is there are are so many more aftermarket parts because the gun needs so much more work to be right!
  10. I put about 80rds through it today without a bobble. Perfect!
  11. Figured better to revive an old thread than start a very similar one. Just got a 5.25 .40 to shoot major starting this coming Saturday. Between having dropped a ton on gun gear recently and trying to watch $$ a bit and not having time this week to swap a PRP trigger and stuff from an unused XDM, I figured to put the .40 upper on my 5.25 9mm lower with a PRP Ultimate Match and a few other goodies. A guy on the Facebook XDM page said he'd done similar without problem but the admin suggested calling Springfield. I expected Springfield to give a lawyerly CYA answer, which they did. She said it won't work, then softened to there might be problems, including the slide being hopelessly stuck on the frame, suggested there were differences in the lowers, but when pressed couldn't tell me what they were. So, I'm reassured from this thread that I'm not going to have a ruined gun, unless someone has some updated experience to the contrary. Does the .40 use a heavier spring, if so what weight? I'm running a 16(?)lb on my 9mm. I'm guessing that I ought to at least swap the .40 spring into it?
  12. Great insights. I've heard some negative comments about striker-fired guns before, but in this field you've got a million opinions and you can always find something negative about anything. That said, I'd seen something awhile back about DA/SA making a bit of a comeback. Who knows? Maybe because I'm not a top level shooter, if there's muddy ground or puddle I take an extra fraction of a second to not drop my mag in it, so I've very rarely gotten any grit on one, certainly not to the point of tearing it down. It always amuses me to see some guys with the high dollar race guns getting tripped up with mag issues. I want say "just get an XDM and be done with it!"
  13. So I'm not sure what you're saying. I hadn't heard that the XD has an inherently better trigger than an XDM, and even if it did, once you're talking aftermarket it all goes out the window. I've got PRP Ultimate Match kits in both my 5.25s. One feels a little better than the other, both way better than stock, which left me wondering if a professional who knew what they were doing it installed them (I did them) whether they'd both be even better. It seems the CZ is a step back, not forward. I've shot some SSP IDPA with my old Ruger P95DC, and having a long, hard first pull followed up by easy single actions is not the hot ticket to shooting consistently. I always wondered why in competition, where shot-to-shot consistency is the goal, why people use DA/SA guns, but then there's a lot I still don't know. Sounds like you need another XDM with a better trigger job than the first. I'm curious about your mag comment. I've competed with over 10k rounds (not much compared to many) without ever disassembling or cleaning my mags, with no problems whatsoever. They've always, even new, binded when loading, where you really have to push down on the bullet nose every 5-10rds to snap them free to finish loading, but since they've all done that since new I figured it was af characteristic of them and has no impact on feeding.
  14. Well I guess I've been right to be Limited because my mag release has an enlarged button. I may switch that to something else then. Thanks.
  15. Okay, now I'm a bit confused. I've not been at this too long, but have been running my 5.25 in Limited. It's got a PRP Ultimate kit, Mag-Tech mag release, solid steel guide rod, .100" front. I thought if the mod was visible it knocked you out of Production, and that the over travel hump on the Ultimate trigger and the mag release would do it, but JWard79 names both as legal for Production.
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