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  1. Well I pretty much quit around July/ August 2015. Just shot my first three matches over the past month and a half with the fourth this Saturday. Plan is to shoot two per month. After so much time away and hardly ever shooting and definitely no actual practice I haven't lost as much as I thought. Have practiced twice but no dry fire yet. The idea was to just have fun and not really take it that seriously but it didn't take long to realize I can't do that. I want to get better, just have to put in the time...
  2. Well I shot the sir walter match saturday. I did well on some things and not so much on others. First stage had a death jam, the video stops but it took about 35 seconds to shoot an 18 or so second stage. first jam i've ever had with this gun. second stage miss on the classifier(only penalty for the day) so B class still for now. third stage pretty good except i had to go back and make up a shot on the steel i also made up a charlie with another charlie on the target next to it. fourth stage not terrible until at the end I shot like 6 rounds at the same popper and a slidelock reload before I hit the stupid thing. 5th stage I stopped in the middle and didn't really transition smoothly on the first part and kinda flubbed my reload at the end. 6th stage pretty decent hit some steel at least haha. 7th stage came a little too far into the middle gap but last array was pretty smooth. 8th stage transitions could have been a little better on the paper and almost had another slidelock reload on the steel. I did notice when I watched the video that my transitions are getting a little better but still need a good bit of work. I need to be a lot more patient with the steel and make sure i have a good grip going into it. Also it seemed like my movement was more explosive(for me anyways) than it has been in the past which makes me happy. Decided to shoot two matches this month so we'll see how rowan goes next saturday.
  3. g17drumr

    Which one?

    IPA Can or Bottle?
  4. Well practiced weekend before last on shooting on the move, entering postions, and ran a dot drill or two...went ok need to really focus on just staying low at all times until it becomes the norm. This past weekend we worked on dots again also did same par time with one in each dot with about the same results. mainly we worked on transitions. I need to dryfire this to get it to really sink in. If i really focus on snapping my eyes to the next target before the gun gets there it makes a huge difference, I've known this is what you are supposed to do but just never put enough emphasis on it and ended up just not really doing it and not noticing that i wasn't until recently. So i have some backtracking and relearning to do on that. Finished up with some strong hand and weak hand. Both need work. Match this weekend should be good they recently bumped the fee to 25 from 20 and added an extra stage making it 8 stages...pretty awesome for a local. I'm going to try and focus ONLY on seeing the target(A ZONE) before the gun gets there on transitions and staying low the WHOLE match and see what happens.
  5. g17drumr

    Which one?

    Techno Chest 1 or Temple index? haha
  6. Beat me to it. Shadow target is what i shoot and its great. If I had the extra money I would probably go for the accushadow though...
  7. Well I took off this past weekend. The previous match did not go so well. I didn't really even shoot that terrible it just felt worse than it was because i was trying to replicate the match i shot so well in SC. I tried not to let it get to me and just shoot how i normally do but for most of the match that wasn't the result. I was overthinking it big time and I didn't even focus on burning in stages and walkthroughs like i said i was going to. I messed up on the first stage and then just never got back into my groove after that. Really wanted to make A class this month but i couldn't do it this time only needed a 78% to move up. I even reshot the classifier a couple times which i try not to do and it just was not happening that day. Hopefully have a good practice this sunday forget about all this and get back to normal and try to keep improving.
  8. Match coming up this Saturday. Trying not to go into it with any expectations after a good match so we'll see how that goes. I've been thinking I really need to focus on stage visualization. I do ok with remembering arrays and engagement order and what not. What I really need to focus on is visualizing a more exact run when I'm burning the stage in my mind. When I normally do it I'm just burning in where the targets are, where I'm shooting them from, and where I'm reloading, and I've been thinking about keeping the gun up between positions. Those things are all important but I need to visualize more specific elements like splits and transitions. I feel like I've been just rushing through the stage in my mind and focusing on the basics of the stage layout/plan instead of really running it through in real time in my mind as well as my walkthroughs.
  9. Sir walter in creedmoor holds the best match around in my opinion. First saturday of the month
  10. I had to file down the mounting screw head on my racers in order to mount them bullets out so the screw clears the adjustment knob. the racers also dont have a hole in the side like the race masters to make it easy to tighten the screw either so i drilled one because it is difficult otherwise. They dont seem to be completely desisgned for bullets out but you can make it work. also the mounting screw is tapered for the tapered hole in the mag retention plate when mounting bullets forward but since you dont mount it through that plate for bullets out you have a tapered screw going into a flat hole. that being said they do work well once you adjust them and i dont plan on changing them out for anything else but for the price i shouldn't of had to do that
  11. So i have been practicing every sunday usually around 300 rounds on two drills i just haven't been posting it on here. Its been going well until yesterday i dont know if its because i didn't eat breakfast or drank coffee when i normally dont before i shoot or maybe just a bad day but i did pretty terrible. We did el prez and i couldn't get a decent run to save my life and i just felt like i couldn't go fast at all like i was in slow motion and could do nothing about it. not to mention that this "slow motion" was not getting my hits either. other drill was three targets two wide at 7 yards and one in the center at 15 yards with a no shoot covering half the A. Slightly better but still just felt like i was weighted down and not transitioning well at all. best run was like 3.2 sec with 1C. got it under 3sec once which shouldn't be hard but it was and terrible hits on that run. Hopefully next sunday will be a lot better
  12. i have the racers...A little warning you have to file down the diameter of the screw head to get it to clear the adjustment wheel when mounting bullets out but it does work... easiest way is to put the screw in a drill and then spin it on a file. you have to grind them down pretty far.
  13. I switched with very little effort and it has helped me. its much easier for me to get a consistent grip on the mags bullets out because im fat and I don't have to get my thumb between the mag and my body to get a good grip on the mag like when I ran them bullets forward. I shoot production
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