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  1. I am familiar with helicoils, I thought perhaps you had pressed something into the Aluminum.
  2. Don't know about the balance. I don't notice a difference holding it but I might when I go shoot it. Jmcqueen - I thought about some inserts also but I wondered about those pulling out of the aluminum. Do you have pics of yours and how they are held in the Aluminum?
  3. Long story short recently my C-More pulled the screws out of my Cheely 90deg mount. I Called Cheely for a replacement but he makes them in batches and doesn't have any right now but will send one out when he does. I want to make it clear that I don't think Cheely sold me a bad product I just think this particular one failed not due to anything Cheely could control. My problem is the Area 1 match is at the end of June so I came up with a fix for the short maybe long term. I through bolted it but didn't want nuts on the other side so here is what I did First I milled an old indexable tool holder to a small bar Next I milled a slot in the back of my Cheely mount .050 inches deep and same width (.497) as my bar I drilled and tapped the bar for the new longer Cmore screws Then screwed the Cmore down to the mount using the bar as the nuts. I like the bar because it should help with any pitching of the red dot on the mount. It also props my gun up better for unloaded table starts. My bar is .300inches thick but this can be reduced and eventually will.
  4. I got a hold of Adrian Tan of Advace Ratio Sports & Tactical and he will be in the USA June 14th so if you need one get on his facebook page and let him know. While he is in the USA he will be mailing them out for orders Thanks RobE for suggesting him https://www.facebook.com/AdvanceRatio/timeline
  5. alfordap

    CZ Open

    KneelingAtlas - I tried the side ports in the first chamber, then once I noticed a difference I added the ports in the second chamber and noticed a bigger difference then I dropped the last chamber down. All in all it was a weeks worth between cuts and tests. I may set my crown back and open the first chamber like you did. Why did you weld the last chamber at the top? worried about strength? Steel1212 - my biggest problem was the recoil was stabbing me with the mag catch button but I didn't want to shorten it and like you said get the gun as flat as possible.
  6. I know I am a little late to this post but in my Czechmate I use 6.7grains of Autocomp with a 124gr Speer TMJ OAL 1.170 and get 170pf.
  7. alfordap

    CZ Open

    11287 I will get in touch after Area 1, and by all means you are welcome to use my mods, just would ask that if you make your own addition to the mods post them.
  8. alfordap

    CZ Open

    I have 500 rounds through it with the modified comp and I am still at 170pf. Average speed didn't change but deviation of the speed of each round went down so now my speed is much more consistent. Next stop for the pistol is the Area 1 Shoot in Idaho and I am sure the gun will be great through out it. As for refinish I just use a cold blue solution to blacken the exposed metal inside where I made cuts and drilled but its not really necessary as the carbon coats the bare metal also. There are no external cuts made.
  9. alfordap

    CZ Open

    My Czechmate was flat shooting but hard recoiling with 170pf ammo so I modified the compensator to add muzzle brake properties. I added side ports in the first two chambers and extended the last chamber down the comp a ways. Now its light on the rearward recoil and shoots even flatter. I couldn't use the tools to attach photos so I added hyperlinks to them hope no one minds. If it is not okay go ahead and delete. http://www.expeditionfirearms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/IMG_3947.jpg http://www.expeditionfirearms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/IMG_3946.jpg http://www.expeditionfirearms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/IMG_3948.jpg
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