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  1. To remove glued in FO turn the slide over and soak in acetone for about 15 minutes, then poke out the remainder with a toothpick.
  2. Turn the slide over and soak the sight in acetone. It'll take half an hour or so, but the fiber will turn to goo and you can push it out with a wire.
  3. Wilson pins don't back out, but they break. The best I've found are the Caspians. The rear notch is a little wider than most, at about .128" rather than the more traditional .115", but the pins don't walk and they last well. I've always opened my rears up to .125"-.130", so they work out perfectly for me.
  4. Not exactly true. Loading longer reduces the PEAK pressure, or spike, which is the main reason cases (and guns) fail. Try loading Clays short in .40, reducing the powder charge to get the same velocity as a long-loaded .40. Guess which cases will blow (and guess how I know).
  5. Tom sez: "It would not be legal for production or SS." Which will, no doubt, be used for promotional purposes - "so good that it's been outlawed for competition!" I recall another sight manufacturer making similar claims. Shame they're not allowed, really - then everyone would know what a joke they are.
  6. Check to see if there's an industrial plating outfit in your area that will do hard chrome - you'll have to detail strip and just take them the parts, but you'll get it faster, no shipping mess, and waaaay cheaper. Local place here does $90 for a small parcel of parts, equalling two pistols. They can also bead blast or polish stuff first.
  7. When you're dry fire practicing (you do dry-fire practice, right?), after each run try to REMEMBER where those hits on target would have been. If you don't know, you're not even trying to call the shot.
  8. It isn't a standard Lee die, though it is made by Lee. It's actually 0.001" undersize, hence the "undersize" designation. It works great. On VERY rare occasion with Glocked brass it will crush/shave the case where it bulges - I just toss that case. Otherwise, all the brass drops right in a case guage.
  9. Cy - regular (think daily) dry fire will "burn in" most techniques, especially when you're changing something. You've got to practice it until it becomes the norm, overriding your old programming. Live fire will confirm that you've sucessfully reprogrammed your mind.
  10. Slightly lightened slides, three different .40 S_I builds, 10# ISMI recoil, 17# main.
  11. Another big thumbs up for Steve Moore in Denver. Three STI builds, all wonderful - great with other guns, too.
  12. Monster - Steve M narrowed mine and drilled it for a fiber optic, so the sights are set up just like my STI's, CZ's, and M&P's. Didn't cost much...
  13. The Hogs are - they're good on grass, dirt, gravel, sand... They're even okay on concrete.
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