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  1. I would like to offer $45 for the Dillon powder check. Shipper to NY state. Thanks.



  2. Never had an issue with MBX out of the box.
  3. Id go CO first, then consider the change. Open is the fun division though LOL
  4. I like the way mine shoots with the holes. And it makes the ROs back up. That makes me giggle.
  5. Jumprun13k

    9 Major

    I have 2 barrels for mine. And I have no issues switching back and forth.
  6. I really like the photochromatic reds. Except when the sun is too much in my eyes and then I switch to a regular red.
  7. I use 155s most of the time. If it makes sense I will run a 170.
  8. I am curious how something that is just a hunk of shaped metal "actively" does a damn thing. What am I missing?
  9. Just got my T-Shirt from Akai. Loving the new thumb accelerator thing that is not gas related nor is it a pedal.
  10. I tried it out after reading a bunch of positive feedback on it. I tested it, then ran it in a match. After the match I went and bought 16# from Midsouth. Absolutely loving it. 9.55 with a 125 making 170PF. See the pic for how much case is filled.
  11. 1) I had handed the timer off as I was on deck and was standing off to the back left of the bay. Was a facing up range start and a fairly new shooter. I heard the RO remind him to turn, then draw. He drew, then turned, and his finger had moved to the trigger as the barrel swept by my chest. I consciously waited until he had gotten past me before yelling stop. 2) The RO had finished shooting and removed his gear, but was running shooters while holding an open beer.
  12. Dont eat Taco Bell on the way. Didnt happen to me, but a friend grabbed a burrito on the way to a weekly indoor match one evening. Thought she had some gas, turned out to be more of an explosive shart.
  13. Nice!! The gun ran nice and flat, you are going to have a ton of fun with that one.
  14. If you have the will then go for it! Age is just a number.
  15. Boombah Hellcat's when dry, waterproof Merrells when wet. Indoor I use basketball low-tops.
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