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  1. Are they not just the "nuts" Duane? Craig and his staff did a great job and his dedication is appreciated. I have talke do many people and they were as jazzed about the match as I was. This challenge coin was a real classy thing to do, sort of like fraternal to all of us who shot the match. Peace be with you....... Dennis
  2. I think all the equipment checks were done in a fair and consistent manner. As I have said many times before, in my area of the country, the S&W league set the standard in running an IDPA match when we were starting out with our own programs in Upstate NY. That is still the way it is in my mind. And how about the challenge coin, what a classy gesture. Dennis
  3. Its really interesting to read these forums. We, those of us who participate in the shooting sports, may be our own worst enemy.
  4. Yes, and there has been for some time in that region of the huge state of NY. Maybe some of our 150 members moved there.
  5. We managed to gather 6-7 of us from the Albany/Saratoga "UPSTATE" area of NY to support the Indoor National IDPA match and had a great time. I do not recall seeing the others listed below while I was there. Gary Hellmers used to run a fine IDPA regional match years ago.
  6. Thats where the Albany, Saratoga IDPA members must have migrated to, Rochester, Tioga and Owego.
  7. I thought it was a great match with excellent stages. My hats off to Julie, Craig, and the entire staff. Dennis
  8. Hey J, I will tell you we could sure use a visit from you once in a while. There is a small league where we host monthly match's outside and of course there is practice at Sara Spa as usual. Even I am there. Then of course we have the league of misfit toys that no one can play with. Most of us now shoot USPSA as well. How have you been? Dennis So this is what happens when I leave? Gee, what kind of club isn't open to ALL IDPA shooters?
  9. If you are buying the Glock for the "game", I would suggest you go with the G34. If you currently shoot IDPA or USPSA, perhaps you can use another persons 34/17 at a practice or match and see the differences before you buy. As far as my setup, I currently do not own any Glocks, but have owned the G17, G21, G30, and the G36 and all were stock and worked like a watch. But again, if you want to progress in the game, I have seen people really make forward progress the most with the G34.
  10. Craig, I did plan to be there, but I will take any load data you have for 4in 686 38spl. Dennis
  11. I shoot a compact because that is what I have, and I can't afford/justify buying another gun to play the game. That is what IDPA was promoted to be for in the early days of the sport, "shoot what you have"
  12. Every other month I shoot my j-frame at weekly practice, as it is my carry gun. On the competitive side, well, its not good for that.
  13. Dennis K. Sherman IDPA SOI A06627 CDP SS ESP SS SSR SS SSP, why bother
  14. I think you have the best from NY with Dale.
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