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  1. Yes! I have since loaded 500 more rounds without issue. Appreciate everyone's assistance. Thank you!
  2. Yes, it is tight. I loaded 300 rounds Sunday after tightening down the shell plate and will be testing this weekend. Thank you for the insight! Now that the shell plate is tightened back down the rounds are sittings flat on flat surfaces with no rocking back and forth. After I get to the range this weekend I will report back.
  3. The seating punch/die seems to be tight. I tightened down the shell plate and I think that might have solved my problem. Can the shell plate being too loose have an effect on primer seating?
  4. Yes, they all fired on the second strike. Sounds like high primers is the issue. I will check that. Thank you!
  5. I have a Dillon 650 that I have been loading on for a few years now. Never had any issues until now.. I loaded 500 rounds for a range session last month and had 60%-70% or more of the rounds give me light strikes with two different Gen 5 Glocks. These guns are all stock as far as the internals go and confirmed with a friends gun and ammo that was with me that its not the guns but definitely this batch of ammo I loaded. Can anyone provide some insight on the most probable causes of light strikes or what to look for on the 650 to see what could have changed to start causi
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