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  1. I started shooting limited minor so that I could load my mags appropriately (full). I got tired of getting passed in points so I switched to production. Although I miss being able to load my magazines the way they were meant to be loaded I have enjoyed the challenge of production. You will need to give yourself some time to adjust to reloading sans magwell. I didn't realize how much of a crutch that thing had become.
  2. I guess I get the rule...But its silly. Im with the OP, Ive run several qualification lines where folks went prone with hot pistols. I never thought to be offended by it until my first 3g match. When a gun comes out of the holster while you are running which way is it pointing when it hits the ground? Only Jesus knows
  3. Bright

    CZ shadow 2: notable issues, or concerns.

    The only reason I'm commenting here is, like you, I'm a glock shooter and have been for years. I was wanting a custom STI for 3 gun and limited uspsa. I recently had the opportunity to put a few hundred rounds through a shadow 2 and a custom STI. The shadow felt right to me. I struggled with the STI but shot the Shadow 2 like I've been shooting it for years. I can't comment on your other questions but I can tell you Im on the waiting list for a new shadow2
  4. Bright

    Glock Gen 5

    I'm thrilled that glock listened to its user base and put some quality sights on the new.... Well at least the trigger is much better... we'll, at least I'm saving $500 from buying a new gun
  5. It's been non stop in Houston and water has been knocking on my front door twice but never made it in. We are lucky... very lucky.
  6. Bright

    Eye Relief??

    Easy fix is to extend the stock and take your nose off the charging handle. Putting your nose on the charging handle is a good way to make sure you have a consistent check weld while shooting iron sights. When shooting through the scope its important to get a clear picture (no shadow). Another bonus of bringing the stock out is you will most likely be more stable shooting off hand. Otherwise, looks like you have everything mounted correctly.
  7. Bright

    Glock 17 vs 19 for agency arms build

    Save the money from getting your gun hacked up and go buy a 34. put the money into new F/O sights, new guide rod and spring, new trigger and a magwell. Bam. Perfect 3 gun pistol for less than what it will cost to make your 17 pretty. That said, a buddy of mine has an agency 34 and 19. They are really pretty guns, but there was no noticeable increase in performance...just looks.
  8. I shoot a G34 in production when I shoot USPSA. I can't shoot limited without being penalized for it. It's a rule I had to either accept and drop points or move to production. When I debated this with a buddy that has 4k tied up into his limited gun he concluded that I should stop complaining and spend the money to play at his level or move to production. Id like to return that mentality here. It's 3 gun, not USPSA limited. It's my happy place were I can load up my mags and go fast without any penalty because I'm not shooting another guy's favorite round. That said, I guess if shooters know the target will not fall for a 9 that makes it better... I guess. Otherwise I'm the first shooter up smacking targets that wont fall and calling for calibration while the rest of the squad loads high brass birdshot. If you want guys shooting shotgun more just put a clay in a position that will force them to engage that target and most likely other targets as well.
  9. Bright

    the shakes

    Man, I like this post. I've been shooting for 16 years with only two years in the competitive realm. I occasionally get the shakes after a COF when the adrenaline is coming down.
  10. Bright

    Need some eye dominance tips

    I'm cross eye dominate, right handed, left eye dominate. I simply bring the gun up to my left eye. I'm not sure about eye dominance switching during a COF but when I shoot rifle I obviously have to use my right eye in order to shoot right handed. In this instance I either close my left eye or just partially close it enough for my right eye to take over. The main difference between you and I is that my right eye has some issues and my left is perfectly fine so it naturally takes over as the dominant eye. When I saw an eye doctor and started wearing a contact is my right eye it helped my shooting with a rifle and shotgun. My left eye is still dominant though. Might be worth seeing an eye doctor over. If you can get your left eye sight on track with your right eye maybe it wont switch up on you during a COF.
  11. Bright

    Who wants to race me to A class?

    Can you add me please? A93447
  12. Bright

    Pistols you can shoot in any sport?

    Ive been running a glock 34 for 3 gun and USPSA Limited minor. Granted I favor 3 gun and consider USPSA as 3gun pistol training but Im starting to come around to USPSA a little more as there are more matches in my area. Ill be looking for an STI in .40 soon...