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  1. I have both the Gen 5 17mos and 34 mos, I like both but for me the edge goes to the 17, it just feels faster.
  2. I have both the gen1 and gen2 Trijicon Rmr, I have been happy with both, no issues, both for carry and competing.
  3. mike4540

    Gen 3 22 value ?

    Unfortunately a bunch on the market right now, and also does not seem to be much love for 40 caliber at the moment. Good luck on the sale.
  4. The fish gills do not really matter to me versus the standard serrations, but the RTF2 I really like! As someone posted it would be great if they did a RTF2 34/35 to make it comp legal.
  5. I have been using the Trijicon RMR 06 type 1 for a couple of years , no complaints so far. I ended up picking up a type 2 recently, but have not really had the time to play with it yet. Good luck with whichever you go with.
  6. That Garand looks amazing! Love the stocks, great grain.
  7. Strange when I first posted that about xtreme as it showed 15%off and free shipping,when I looked again later it just showed 20% off and no free shipping, still a good deal.
  8. Both Xtreme bullets and Blue Bullets are offering 15% off site wide and free shipping, time to stock up on bullets! Happy Thanksgiving all!
  9. All Glock oem parts work fine in the P80 frame, you may have to sand/stone the locking blocks a bit if it is too tight. fun project and the frames have a nice feel to them,enjoy!
  10. While I do enjoy running the CZ and 1911 sometimes,I do try to stick with the Glock platform since that is what I carry exclusively.
  11. Running a Vogel competition trigger in my gen 3 34, lots of rounds through it with no issues.
  12. As long as your gas gun is capable of 1 moa you are good to go, most prs competitions the targets are usually 2 moa or bigger. Being solid on positional shooting is probably one of the biggest factors.
  13. Another vote for the Gamechanger bag, yes they are expensive but probably the most versatile bag that I have bought.
  14. Another option is to go with the Remage barrel setup with your existing Remington 700, you can run short action rounds with the long action,works great. I have a long action Rem 700 setup with a 243,260 and 308 barrels, mostly use it for prs comps.
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