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  1. Had a CMC flat trigger in a G23 it wasn't bad but I found from time to time I would ge a pinch from the trigger shoe but saw some place online was running a special on gen 4 cmc triggers si may not be a bad time to pick one up
  2. TLR-1 Are Outstanding lights many police departments are using them and the price point is hard to beat For my "Tactical" gun I run a G34 with a Surefire x300 ultra just what I like (due to uncle sam) Either one you cant go wrong budget is the key though Or buy once cry once lol
  3. Just found this out the on the LGS side of buying the G44 there isn't a price difference between blue label and commercial price
  4. I'm running ameriglo fiber optics on my G34 And ameriglo hackathorn on my G19 Both have there advantages and in my mind a both cost effective
  5. Just picked up a 2019 model Staccato P, it's also my first 2011 found it on the second hand market. Lot to learn with a 2011 compared to the G34 I have been shooting I've got about a 1000 rounds in it so far and cant complain but I also dont know any better
  6. Shooting a 2011 there's not much room for trigger prep Targets with in 15 yards I smash the trigger not going to lie 15 yards plus Prep sights press Prep the trigger just before it breaks Confirm the sights Press the trigger to the rear This is something that I just learned from a GM as well and it changed my trigger control completely Give it a try
  7. The best way grip has been expanded to me is trap the upper half of the grip and put pressure like your trying to spead apart a horseshoe. The slide is what is causing recoil if to can mitigate the movement on the upper half of the frame you can get on target faster for follow up shots
  8. Where at in KY originally from just outside of Louisville
  9. Local match usually has one stage were you have to shoot weak hand at some point When on the flat range I'll shoot the dot drill a lot and i also do Pat McNamara 5x5x5 drill 25 yards both hands 15 yards SHO 10 yards WHO
  10. Just started to run a STI Staccato P in limited minor Have been running a G34 Gen 4 in Limited minor 90% of the time I carry a G19 Gen 4
  11. Went to a Level 1 Match this past weekend and there was a stage they called Bill,Pres,Steel 3 strings 1. Bill drill 2. Modified El Pres 3. Bowling rack of steel (6 popper) My question is is this a good "stage" to build a base line off of. As classifier go the Bill drill and El Prea are shot out.... But does it give a good base line to get started
  12. I shoot Ant Hills matches in Supply as well as Clear Run Sports in harrells
  13. Welcome from Sneads Ferry
  14. Been shooting steel challenge for awhile and got my USPSA number in July have shot about a dozen matches now ended up shooting as an A Class in Limited minor also this summer got my toes in the water with 3 gun. I'm near Camp Lejeune in NC
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