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  1. AJE

    Area 5 Arb

    Your statement before picture or video were posted was that the RO never passed the wall. A picture of the RO at the end of the wall was posted and you had to refine your statement. He was nearly to the 2nd portion of the wall, meaning he was 8' past the point where you remembered he was, after you had to be corrected. You were an eye witness to this and were clearly proven wrong in your recollection. That's exactly why we should allow video for these situations.
  2. AJE

    Area 5 Arb

    I don't understand how you can have this position in the same thread where you had to post this: Your recollection of the event was clearly not correct in your first post. This seems like a perfect example of why it should be allowed.
  3. No. Rule# 10.5.3 "Note that a competitor who, for any reason during a course of fire, safely and intentionally places the handgun on the ground or other stable object will not be disqualified provided:,,,,"
  4. Yep. I've fallen down on a stage, then got back up and finished.
  5. The stages look great, I can't wait. I'm just glad I didn't see a stage 11 "Smells like sex in here"
  6. If it counts, it will bump me up to M if my math is right. I figured it would be on this update if it were going to count.
  7. I love suppressors but I agree there isn't a place for them here. Unsuppressed .22 rimfires are tough enough with some timers.
  8. Glad to see the issue is resolved... I also tumble in the FART with no pins. The first time was an accident... I usually had the pins in the drum and dumped the brass on top of them, then mixed it up. Then one time I dumped the brass in while the pins were not in the drum. Once I went to rinse them, I noticed there pins were left out, and that the brass looked pretty much the same. After that, I figured the pins were not worth the time since I wasn't decapping them, and I didn't care about the inside of the case. I actually think the fouling left on the inside helps the brass not stick to the expander, but that might be my mind trying to justify the laziness of skipping the pins. To dry, I just use a few old towels after shaking out what I can using the slotted endcap on the drum. Dump them in the first towel, do the old bowling ball polish, dump them on towel 2, do the same, then dump them on towel 3 and leave sit for awhile.
  9. Absolutely!! theI don't know whether the posters using the term "legal" mean under USPSA Rules or under the law. Certainly under the law there are private clubs that do not allow non- members. So it is clearly ok to restrict matches to members. If there is a USPSA rule that says you can not require membership for L1, I have never seen it. If there is it can be changed. I guess I have never figured out why requiring membership is a bad idea. I don't remember where it was addressed, but I don't believe the club can host a USPSA match and not allow outside members. Once the club hosts the match, it must abide by the USPSA rules, which allows non members to shoot level 1 matches. (I think, I'm hunting for the rule that says this... I could be wrong) Rule 6.4.1 doesn't address membership requirements either way on level 1 matches, just that you have to be a member for two or higher. Appendix one recommends competitors to be members but only requires it for II and above.
  10. We can just create separate divisions for those.
  11. I think that is really more helpful than hurtful. I notice less of the cases sticking on the expander than I did with new brass or brass cleaned with the stainless pins.
  12. Ran a load of .45ACP/44Mag and another load of .38 Special/.38 Super/.380ACP/9mm through... I'm more convinced now the pins aren't worth the trouble if you don't care about the primer pockets. This was all about efficiency of time since I have a few buckets left to clean. I didn't use any of the media separator products I had... only the strainer that comes with the tumbler (that fits inside the drum) and a few old towels. -Nothing decapped -Some of these were pretty muddy so I ran just the cases and some water for about 15 minutes, strained out the water, then added new water and the other products. -Water/Lemshine/Car Wash&Wax, again, NO pins -Ran for 2hrs -Rinsed a few times using the strainer endcap. -Dump on one towel, roll around on another towel, let dry on a third towel.
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