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  1. Thanks so much for all the input. (except for those who said "Use the Search Function", that's kind of mean spirited) I actually did use the search function but couldn't find the information I was looking for. I would recommend making 135gr data a sticky here because there is so little information out there for this size bullet. I found the attached pdf on this forum as well. It has data for Power Pistol, Tight Group and WSF for the 135gr bullet. I'd throw out there anybody with extra data could/should add to this suggested data. Bayou Bullet Load Data .pdf
  2. Ah ok, So I should be able to shoot a .358 diameter bullet in a 9mm completely safe? Does it shoot better or is it hit/miss? I just got the 135gr in the mail yesterday so I'll need to do a little testing. Don't have a chrono yet so I'm not sure how far I should go on the testing, which is why I was asking minimum, maximum and C.O.A.L.. I have IPSC tommorrow though so all the loading today is for the shoot tomorrow. Probably shoot 147 or 125gr tomorrow because I know my data and how it shoots. Then get into testing another day.
  3. I didn't realize you could shoot 357 bullets in a 9mm without any issues. What is your COL? Thank you.
  4. Where do you get the 130gr LSWC? Cast?
  5. Any confirmation or other information for me? Thank you.
  6. Ok so Silhouette data is: 124gr LRN COL 1.050 - Start 4.2 Max 5.0 147gr LFP COL 1.145 - Start 3.9 Max 4.6 Thinking that 135gr data should be: COL 1.100 - Start 4.1 Max 4.8 ?
  7. Hello, I'm new to the forums but I've been reading the topics for a while. I have a quick question if somebody could help. I'm purchasing some 135gr and 147gr bullets from Bayou Bullets today and I'm wondering about load data for the 135gr? Donnie gave me an approximate over the phone but I'd like to be safe. I only have access to Power Pistol, Ramshot Silhouette, (Tightgroup and Autocomp at the store). WSF doesn't exist here. Anywhere..... He gave me approximates of 4.5gr Power Pistol or 3.3gr Tightgroup as a starting load but didn't have the COAL on hand or max load. Anybody have experience with 135gr? Shooting out of a 4.5" XDm barrel. Standard springs. Shooting IDPA and IPSC. If you need any other information please let me know. Thank you very much.
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