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  1. Tad pants?

    1. McKinney


      Triple Aught Design

    2. jeremy kemlo

      jeremy kemlo

      O.... I spelled it ought when it should have been aught. The prana waist is a little smaller. 

  2. Just received a photo back from APW Cogan of the finished revolver. I ended up going with a brushed chrome finish in the end. They cleaned up the engraving and we ordered some new grips for it. From the photos it came out really nice. Looking forward to getting it back.
  3. Depending on where you are located in Houston there are a few options. Boyert has a Houston location and Katy location. Athena Gun Range, Spring Guns & Ammo, Top Gun are a few that have rental firearms.
  4. Thanks for the recommendation. I will give him a call on Monday.
  5. I am looking for recommendations for someone who could do nickel plating on an old S&W Model 10 revolver. A little backstory on the revolver in question. It was my grandfather's pride and joy up until he passed in 1989. My grandmother put it in a leather holster, wrapped it up, and put it in her cedar chest for well over 30 years. The nickel plating is in flaking off in places. I would like to get the revolver back to like new condition as I know that she would appreciate it. I understand that re-finishing a firearm hurts its value, but this is more sentimental than monetary. I
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