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  1. You might consider a Harbor Freight cement mixer. They put them on sale frequently. I use mine (smaller red unit) with nut hulls with absolutely great results but have a friend that uses the smaller (red) version and cranks out commercial quantities of perfectly cleaned bright polished brass. He uses the ss media and a proprietary mixture of detergent and lemon juice. Nut hulls and NuFinish car polish produces a screaming bright polished finish that does not tarnish. Also have a friend that uses the larger (orange) mixer and it is also a commercial quantity unit. Dry polish here, too.
  2. I use 3.0 HP-38 behind Berry Plated 100 RN. Also use 2.9 B'eye behind Montana Gold 115 HP. Both loads from Lyman Manual (if memory serves). Both extremely accurate and both run the G42 reliably for me. Berry load does not run for every one in my family. 115 MG HP does.
  3. Use the Lee FCD on all of my straight wall cases. RARELY if ever have a problem with chambering. Wish I had had something like it 50 years ago when I started loading LOL.
  4. After reading the good/bad/ugly for all of the Dillon Presses (one of which is quoted above) and after consultation with my dealer, I found the 550 to be optimum for my needs. Load about 7 different cals (mostly 9mm and .380). The change over from one cal to another is an absolute snap with the 550. Starting with primed brass, I load about 650-700 per hour. Since I bought the 550, I have loaded about 25k rounds. I went to my dealer to get the 650. After we talked about half hour, he told me that he was going to cost himself some money but he said my situation screamed 550. His reasoning was virtually a carbon copy of the research recited above. I do not regret getting the 550 and see no chance of going 650/1050 any time soon.
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