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  1. I appreciate the input, fellas. The only savage I have experience was a hog hunter that I rebarelled into a 6mmBR and had it sitting in a heavy BR stock. Never had any cycling issues, but it was single load and slooooow.
  2. I'm a long time USPSA shooter and I'm dabbling in PRS style matches ( I have a long way to go). I know nothing beats a custom action and remmy 700 actions are a more economical, but popular choice. Why are Savage actions not popular? I'm not talking about the axis, but like model 10. Is the barrel nut approach or floating bolt head a fault? Thanks for the input guys.
  3. Thanks, Homie! I'm not to concerned with the inletting, I'm more concerned with its functionality.
  4. I've been a long time uspsa and 3gun shooter, but I'm trying to dabble in prs style matches (see if I have the patients). My question is, will the Magpul bottom metal assembly for Remington 700 hold up? Are there any known binding issues or is it good to go? Thank you!
  5. For the money, a CMC is very hard to beat.
  6. I'm here for lurker's anonymous?
  7. +1 on the lancer mags. They fall freely just as metal mags and have metal lips. Good to go.
  8. I'm a fan of the red on black, as well. I went with the aluminum mag well from SSS. I'm running TTI base pads with no issues.
  9. That's not bad, with a 16", I'm not that far behind you. Thank you for the response.
  10. Good luck trying to find a procomp out there, they seem to be out of stock everywhere. I really like my JP and Rolling Thunder. I've been hearing great things about the precision armament m4-72.
  11. It's no secret a longer gas system shoots softer/cleaner. I would start with an adjustable gas block first, that'll help tame some of the over gasing from the carbine length system. You can always use that same gas block if you decide to re barrel with a rifle length system and low mass bcg.
  12. Very nice build! Any idea on the weight? Not sayin that's important, I'm just curious. I'm running a similar build, but with a 16" barrel.
  13. Great info and great news, now I have a use for extra SRP!
  14. Not to jack your thread. I recently bought a Trojan and bought 5 tripp Corey mags and they haaaaaate 1.135, which I always loaded for my glock and m&p. I'm going to give 1.180 a go, but how long is too long? 180gr blue bullets
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