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  1. Mounted one of these on M'Lady's rifle with a 2" offset Vortex mount. Had it out after the RO's shot the FNH match and we played with it on stage 9 (with permission since we had all already shot the stage. Dope matched my Razor as expected. Everyone also looked at the illumination and agreed it was easily visible at noon on a sunny day. Very satisfied. She is thrilled which is likely most important.....
  2. I use TG for the grain bullets you are looking for. I have used CFE Pistol for 147 gr Xtreme HP at that PF. I found it soft shooting. There was no published data for that recipe so i worked it up.
  3. What does it really matter as long as you know your dope? I zero a fifty as dead on as I can. Then check my ballistics for how high I should be at 100. Shoot a few groups to confirm. This allows verification puff both windage and provides a second check on trajectory. Routinely shoot to 600 plus and the dope is accurate. BDC reticles are trouble without data. One rifle will have a first mark impact at 289 yards and another will be 312 with the same ammo on a standard day. If your calculator has your score information and an optimizing function you can use that to get your marks close to round numbers. You may find that you can find a near zero yardage but may have to use an offset like a quarter inch or so. One size fits all will not get his for all. I apologize if this sounds opinionated or snarky, it is not meant to be. Our club shoots a lot of longer games and it is enlightening. If you feed random ammo and go to 300+ the results can be disastrous. The right ammo/gun/dope at 300 can get boring.
  4. Yes, the extra TO that thought he was doing us a favor was comical in hindsight. I'm pretty sure he got the message. The squad made the match for sure. Having that stage thrown out after beating our way through it was a kick in the junk. That delay cost me the opportunity to attend the pro clinic, too. I had fun. Last year was my first year. This year was......less. I will state what I have not read yet. The last couple years industry sales were off the charts. The last year saw a correction that was large from what I read. Vendors are not cash machines for a small group of shooters. When times are leaner they have to make choices and I hope they do. That way I can keep getting their product instead of them shutting down. The best thing we can do it's keep shooting, supporting good matches and bringing new shooters out to join us. On the NRA, remember they are the title sponsor of a big match next month. Choices? Probably Thanks to the match staff. Thanks to the vendors that were there and the sponsors that supported us.
  5. If you're shooting past 300 regularly I think you'll be happier with 6x more then 4x725 yards??? WTF!!! Peacemaker has the ability so sometimes they feel the need to use it lol.Shooting the DMR matches there changed my view of "long range" at 3gun match. A stage with seven targets. Closest was 465, longest 625 and five more staggered in the 500-550 range. Stage cleaned with 16" gun and 1-6 scope 3gun gear.
  6. Our game is what the match designers chose to make it. I personally don't like the trend of late by 3 Gun nation to make everything a short range run and gun affair. That stuff is fun but I still like a challenging long range stage here and there as well. 400 is an ok limit but I think 500 is a bit better. Frankly I don't want to see all matches do exactly the same thing as it makes things boring. But what I like another shooter may find boring and vice versa. I like variety. Pat I agree with this. I personally like multi gun matches that use the entire envelope of each gun and player. That is like the limited time Comstock stages in USCA. Miss any steel with rifle over 50 yards and you earn par time on the stage. Based on replies here it is easy to see that some do not like it. I do. Exactly. Different flavors are fun. Pistol up close and at distance. Steel at 100 anyone? Shotgun in static hose, flying and slug? Sure! Steel and clays up close and at distance forcing choke and load decisions? Sure! Rifle up close and fast as well as at distance? Of course! I will not forget showing up at my first ever "DMR" match shooting out to 600 and down to TWO MOA. Did just fine with a sixteen inch gun and 1x6. My 3gun setup at the time. Making all matches the same? Not so much. I do totally agree that targets should be visible for any offered division.
  7. Most of the local hotels (Holiday Inn, Hampton etc.) are already showing elevated rates for the dates of the match. If you look through Room Key service the Comfort Inn in Martinsburg is still showing rooms in the range you are looking for. Might not last long...
  8. I want a rule where a classifier stage has the shooter hit a golf ball onto a marked fairway. The golf ball must be shot with one of the three guns. Points assigned based on the gun used at the distance marked. A slug or pistol hit at 100 yards (for example) would get more points than the same hit with a rifle. Using a wedge and getting an areal hit with birdshot has a bonus factor based on where the ball lands and so on......... (OK. TIC but it sounds like a fun stage) Mark, you standard division concept sounds a lot like a section of the "World Shoot" from last year. Guns and ammo provided.
  9. The closest engagement last year was the Bianchi Mover at I think 100 yards or less. Several passes, two shots each. The flavor of the match is more toward PRS shortened down for .223 class rifles. Most people are running magnified optics without a 1 power setting. That tends to make them not like to use the rifle as an up close carbine. I think it would be a great idea for a DMR match to include some up close work in addition to the 600 yard line mixed into one stage. We will see. Be prepared to shoot from less than optimal positions like a strap between two small trees for support, any position but prone and so forth. Stages last year had arrays to be engaged in order within a time (for example). If you passed on a target you could not go back. Some required an array to be engaged far to near and back out. On carrying equipment. You had to carry your gear to the shooting position. There were times when seated with your backpack in your lap for support was the most stable position allowed. There is some opportunity for gaming that system from time to time. One match I walked up to a stage with three targets at 525-580 that required five hits each in order. Prone was not allowed and there was no support to use. Bring your kit to the line. I walked up with a cooler in one hand with shooting stick tri-pod. Buzzer goes off and I used the cooler for a stool and the sticks for a bench with a bag under my arm.............. Be ready for options and to learn tricks.
  10. Explain. I am running two of the HF triggers w zero issues. What did you find?
  11. Could you help me understand this? We reload and rack slides on the clock all the time. Sometimes that leads to a DQ for a 180 break or an AD due to finger management. How are those fine motor skill any different than unloading prior to a holster? I really want to understand the total logic behind it. (Not being an argumentative smart A$$) I know this is a 3gun related thread, but there are rules in another game a play that allow hot re-holster or a dump. Many ranges are logically (to me) opposed to the hot on the clock holster, so they use dump buckets. The dump buckets limit stage design and shooter options so I was hoping to see a change that allows clearing the pistol and holstering it. Since that game can have a person going prone or taking odd positions where people are flagged (yes I know it is a holstered gun. I also know pistols become dislodged on the clock, too) the start condition of the pistol is usually empty chamber if starting with rifle. Exact thought and any data or examples would be greatly appreciated to assist my thinking.
  12. Holstering before the buzzer is different than after. Shirt tail or jacket caught in loop during holster could be a game ender. How about middle ground? Holster on empty chamber?
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