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  1. When did you order? I've got a 40 limited on order with them and hoping to have it before Area 7. I ordered mine on 1/25
  2. I got a call from Brazos and my 9mm Limited ships out Monday.
  3. I bet your credit card company will say otherwise.Vender failed to produce what they promised You are probably correct, especially if he has documentation to prove when the pistol was promised to be delivered. But in any case, their own TOS (terms of service) shown on their website site specifically states, "For STI gun orders, there will be a $100 cancellation fee plus any expenses incurred by us (i.e., credit card fees, shipping, etc.)". So, based on their own TOS, the OP should be able to get a partial refund. To do otherwise, is kinda crappy! ** I just want to make sure that people know I not bashing or complaining about Brazos. This will be my second pistol to purchase from them and they have always been nice to me. I understand that things dont always go to plan, but if a couple weeks late turns into a few months late then the people who paid ahead of time are missing out.
  4. I placed my 9mm limited order with Brazos on 1/25. Then they were estimating a late feb/march delivery. I actually called to see if the $400 deposit was refundable and they said no! While I dont have any regrets at this point in time. If these pistols dont show up for several more months I will be very disapointed.
  5. Hey guys. I am no pistol expert so don't kick me too hard with this question. I was looking through some freedom gunworks pistols and I was wondering what the 3 cutouts on the frame were of this pistol? Are they just for looks or do they serve a purpose? Thanks Chase
  6. I had similar problems being left eye dominate and right handed. Back in the day when I shot a bunch of skeet and sporting clays I would put a small sticker on my glasses directly in front of my left eye. Looked silly, but it fixed the left eye dominance issue while still allowing me to have peripheral vision. I am just getting into some local steel matches and it seems to work with those also. Chase
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