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  1. I've been running pcc for a few months now. I'm not super serious.....mostly took the plunge for the fun and can run it on a moments notice without having to hit the range prior for a different pistol like I normally would. My take away is that if you have a carbine, say in .223/7.62 it way helps your weapon handling skills, especially in tight quarters. And just like in the handgun game, it will let you know where your carbine skills are weak in CQB type stuff. So if you 2-gun, just want to have fun, or sharpen potentially real life skills, do it.
  2. That's a shame about the LF arms. It was my favorite. Any feedback on the springer comparison?
  3. Yes, you can put in apex kit without the physical trigger. I ran a 4.25 this way for ssp and a flat face for esp. The kit with the factory trigger breaks clean at 3.25 lbs, and that's also with the factory return spring which gave me a more positive reset.
  4. Correct, that has been my position. Outside in.
  5. Thanks for the responses. I had a gen 1 that I ran in scsa matches and used for hd etc. but I did have to run heavier loads in it to be reliable. I was thinking about a gen 2 with my current M&P mag set up. I'm under no illusions of grandeur competition wise, I was wondering how it ran in dynamic situations.
  6. +1 here. Even if you put an optic on your 1911 you would have same issues, there is a learning curve. I would have recommended you try M&P, as group angle works well for me too compared to 1911. A steel cz probably your best bet. Low bore axis and geometry similar.
  7. Every so often during a match when I unload and show clear, my index finger pushes too hard on the slide stop protrusion, moving it ever so slightly, but enough that I notice it either then or at the next load and make ready. If you look at say a Nighthawk, the hole on the right side of the frame is beveled and the stop is flush. That's the best way to do it I think.
  8. We've had the same discussion at our matches about engaging targets through a port. If you have 3 targets to engage as per old rules you sliced the pie and exposed yourself to one target at a time. Now, you can post up in uspsa mode in the middle of the port to engage all 3?
  9. I'm a contact wearer, 54 years old. Three years ago I had my optometrist make me basically a reading lense for my dominat eye. What a game changer. I pop it in at the match and pop it out after. But of course I don't wear it for edc. XS big dots are my friend. Anything you can do to help that focus is worth it, even if only at competitive events.
  10. I know I'm going to get hammered with pos keltec jabs........but has anyone ran, or witnessed anyone running a gen 2 sub2k at a match? Did it run, and did the user have feedback? I'm curious.
  11. I was coming here to post this exact topic but with a slightly different twist. I usually run a Pro 9 in SSP and Production with the Competition spring kit. I recently picked up a companion Pro 9 with an FSS already installed. I ran some test with a timer (repeatedly) to see what the difference would be. I set up a few poppers to measure initial shot time and splits during transitions. What I found was nothing! My times were all exactly the same! I let my son run the same drill with both pistols. (He is IDPA Master and I'm running at Expert, also a Glock guy) His results were also the same, albeit faster than mine! I went ahead and put a SSS ESP magwell on the gun and planned on using it for ESP and Limited minor. Was I wrong expecting better results with the FSS? Or is this just a different strokes for different folks thing?
  12. Thanks for the input folks. There really doesn't seem to be a whole lot of options out there. But the SSS ESP has good reviews everywhere it seems. They have this market cornered for the time being. Thanks again. There goes a couple hundred bucks!!!
  13. I have 9mm pro i would like to set up for idpa esp and uspsa limited minor. So, my question is; what magwell is best, what extended (+5/6) base pads will fit it and what normal length basepads will fit the magwell? Id like to roll with this gun to either match by just changing mags? Whats the best combo? Thanks. Btw, gun already has apex fss installed. So already not eligible for ssp or production, so not a consideration.
  14. Jerry's gun was a 3" 686. L frame. I agree, not much of a "bug" to me. But with the rules written as they are.....that's the kind of "back-up-guns" you're going to see at these matches.
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