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  1. Where is your vids or wins?that slow shooting was good enough for 1st place in production OCT-2013 and 2nd place production jan-2014 steel challenge at volusia gun club. So for all those who are such fast PRODUCTION div shooters post your vids. Im not embarrased it was my 2nd time only trying a steel challenge and i won..so what are you trying to do other than make yourself feel like a big man because you try and disrespect someone. LIL STEVIE WONDER. The guy who is obsessed with my and lurks every thread..the same guy who wants to RUN OPEN IN GSSF and wants to use M&P parts..WOW really LIL 30year old STEVIE,justout of your 20s huh..how does it feel to finally leave the KIDS table at holidays? Won production 2nd time ever shooting steel http://attac-fl.com/competitions/steel-challenge/#tab-tab-0-0-0-3091-2 And 2nd place jan 2014 http://www.volusiacountygunandhuntclub.com/steel/jan11-14/jan11-14.html C-class is the majority of the sport. For each person who hides behind their keyboard,doesnt compete and talks smack about someone it says alot about you. If your a B-class or A-class ,master ,GM, post your videos especially if you made A-B class your first few matches i will be very impressed. Because your saying how slow i am, so all those commenting have to be B-class shooters lower than 115sec.so lets see thise vids. Im excited to see all of those who have negative things to say about me in action because your so fast.
  2. The first question is what CLASS SHOOTER are you Now?? What divisions have you competed in so far? Have you won a production,limited divison yet? Alot of newbies try to jump from D-class to open division thinking its the pistol that makes those low times. Its the indian not the arrow. As far as M&P or any other parts,it would be wise to be proficient with a foundation before you build upon it. being humble to allow people to respect you enough to where they will let you BORROW their open pistol to see what may and may not work for you.OPEN div is subjective and is nothing but trial and error. So it is best to talk to those who have been there and done that to save time on making mistakes. listening to people who actually have an open div pistol and have competed would be a great start. . You can PM me if you have questions,yes i run a G34 as well as the 1911s you harass me about on all my threads.
  3. NEW SYMRNA GA last time i checked was in the USA I can buy and sell other brands. .
  4. The people in CONNECTICUT who work for COLT and the history of COLT is what matters. if you look at HOLLY,BARRY GRANT, they were made in mexico, as well as other US companies, and I agree, OUTSOURCING is killing out country, but that doesn't negate the fact that COLT is the foundation of 1911s. If the small block chevy was made in Canada tomorrow, im sure plenty of guys would still run older S.b.c. Iver Johnson is in Florida but is also a S.A.M. but some consider them still AMERICAN since they have been around for a long time. With your research did you find a SINGLE USA "production" firearms manufacturer that uses all USA machined parts and assembles 100% domestically in the USA? Do you or anyone here actually endorse corporate OUTSOURCING? you don't mind your money going overseas? If you ask why ive asked questions about other brands, i do occasionally run into great deals that i may buy and resell. No matter what is said about COLT is something special to me, and in a country where people have to agree with the majority to fit in, IM not that guy!
  5. Everyones an expert

  6. PM me.....Its not about the hardware its the software....my choice of firearms is my personal reference because i was asked. If you think your SAM/ARMSCOR 1911s are so great then lets see some match results? Make a torture test video of your UBER reliable 1911. You know what they say about opinions?............
  7. Not finding it... periodic-table-of-meat.png TOUCHE-
  8. i have no idea where you got your education from there CHIEF
  9. You really have alot of opinions but not many answers. Its not my fault your not familiar with the periodic table .A Sc S&W and a Ti CHRISTENSEN are the two 1911s frames of those materials. But im sure you already knew that....lmao Here is the Sc, and no its not completely comprised of Sc since that would be exponentially expensive but it does save weight and as for the CHRISTENSEN they are Ti.
  10. A TI frame ? Who makes one of those in a single stack 1911 ? I guess Sc is so pose to be carbon steel or stainless steel, but that is what all single stack 1911 frames are made out of and I know for a fact that most of them are real close to max weight right from the factoryAnswer-CHRISTENSEN titanium : http://www.christensenarms.com/products/1911-titanium-frames/
  11. Carmo CARMONEY- your impressed with it why? Site an example of why it impressed you? Have you competed in any practical matches with your METRO? Are you saying that your confident enough to use this METRO as your E.D.C.? You say your are fortunate to "have a bunch of CUSTOM 1911/2011s" i am extremely curious to see pictures of them and why you decided to buy a METRO. Ive heard about the spring issues they have. The only interesting component i see that the AMIGO must use an E.D.M. Procedure for their HAMMERS since they tried to go for the INFINITY look. The bottom line is what do you do with your pistol? How many rounds down range do you have through it and Do you use their factory magazines? METRO ARMS is like a HYUNDAI (of 1911s) you look at it in the gun shops case and the machining jumps out at you as something impressive because the hammer isnt traditional. I wouldnt buy one normwould i give a METRO to a family member to protect their lives with,i would leave that job to a quality 1911. Your going to be unhappy with my response because you know im not a fan of OUTSOURCING in general,let alone "philp" 1911s(we use another term in SoCal that has no negative racial connotation ).. Everytime we allow another great AMERICAN ICON become "reversed engineered" we are killing out country. HARLEY DAVIDSON and the new liquid cooled engines from INDIA for example. A 1911 in my home is made in the U.S.A. And if i custmize it the A2 parts will be from a machine shop domestically. I will pay more because i dont feel bad when i put them in my safe under my AMERICAN FLAG. Im sure there is an ASIAN comoany with all the same C.N.C.,E.D.M. Equipment we have, but ill never own one. I ALSO find this thread extremely interesting- I ALSO find this thread extremely interesting- I find it interesting how much COLT bashing there is when it is the foundation for 1911s. It doesn't matter what shareholders own it now,COLT stands for something to true PATRIOTS of the U.S.A. I can see by who gets their opinions and "feelings" hurt, WHO is WHO. We wonder why there is a generation of ENTITLEMENT, nobody can get their feelings hurt. EVERYONE has to be correct, I voice my opinion when asked and it turns into a completely different topic. If you are for the "sissification" of AMERICA , to use a radio hosts phrase, that's fine, but demand me to agree with your opinions!
  12. I wrote above those STOCK PHOTOS...a few 1911s that i own are the COLT custom with the BRILEY SPHERICAL-44*crown and the custom BOB PATTISON THOROUGHBRED from the old 1990s 1911 heaven in AZ and my old E.D.C. OFFICER which are the pics i have listed under "my 1911s" Ive always loved the NITRE BLUE pins and subtle touches YOST uses and even his BROWNING HP's are gorgeous. Price is subjective, lie the guys on here who hate on my COLT the way others dont like GLOCKS or HI-POINT. But to someone that $$ is alot and well spent if it is a pistol that works and they enjoy it. I didnt need to have all that machine work done but i didnt do it for anyone but ME. YOST is like a BUGATTI or PAGANI,there is a niche market who has dispoable income and if you make 6-7figures that isnt very expensive. You want to see pricey buy a KORTH or JANZ revolver. Thank you for your reponses and input
  13. What car do you drive an AMG renntech or M-class;)??There are pretentious GAMERS just like there are hifalutin pistol owners/car buyers. Why buy a regular 3-series when you can buy an M3 right?. Buying for quality,reliability,fit&finish is acceptable but to be paying OPEN CLASS prices for a limited pistol is absurd. If the frame was made from UNOBTAINIUM and has 24kt gold sights you still couldnt justify it since resale value would be for a very limited market and that market with disposable income wouldnt be inclined to be purchasing a USED GAMER pistol...just I.M.O.
  14. My favorite rear sight for STEEL CHALLENGE shows up well against the white plates and serrations cut down glare. Ive never needed to adjust a rear sight for elevation nor windage for any competiton ive ever entered so i dont see the point if your only doing practical matches. Why not just play with different front sight post height u til you get the desired fixed P.O.I., its not like you shooting a sub M.O.A. Rifle. I like the lower old school wilson ones as well so you can point shoot w front sight on closer engagments. I have a set laying around that i want to put on something..WILSON COMBAT doesnt list them for sale anymore. These are great sights for only $40
  15. Im going with METALOY but what is DIAMOND BACK DLC???? I really would like something darker than the HARDCHROME if it is as durable.
  16. METALOY, problem solved $300 and its matte finish wont cause any glare which was primary concern with my old stainless 1911. NIGHTHAWK when i contacted them didnt instill much confidence when i asked how durable their finish was. METALOY sent me pics of some customers and employees who compete and some of their 1911s coated in the 1980s looked like new. Im sold. I wish they could have their process of HARD CHROME in a BLACK CHROME finish. Whoever invents that is going to be very wealthy. Im trying MOLYBDENUM coating from a friends hotrod shop on one of my low end pistols to see how it holds up. It works on piston skirts at extremely high temperatures in nitrous and forced induction applications andits self lubricating. Im not aware of ANYONE who has tried this but being a gearhead/machinist/mechanic i like to cross technologies from different industries.
  17. Felt recoil and muzzle flip/DIP WILL change if you dont chan ge the recoil spring weight as well or add a buffer system. What lb recoil spring are you currently running. I just recently started playing with different weight springs and a tungsten F.L.G.R. Muzzle dip and signt aquisition changed dramatically. I actually prefer the muzzle flip to muzzle dip, since the former is easier for me for follow up shots or double taps if im running a practical match.
  18. Take frog lube or dielectric grease and lube the interior of the trigger bow and see if the problem goes away using a few different brand mags NOT FULLY loaded so there isnt extra pressure in the mag. Then shoot a chambered round with NO magazine and see how it feels. What make and model pistol isit and ehat brand mags do you use? CHIP,TRIPP,WILSON,MECGAR? If its. One if those listed your mag is probably the culprit
  19. A flat top and tri top cut on a 5" GOV slide saves around 8-10% of the slides overall mass.... Less reciprocating mass makes for smooth cycling and less upward movement when the slide slams back while reducing muzzle dip for quicker signt aquisition. I know alot of guys will disagree but i use "lightened slides" with an 18.5lb wilson spring and buffer system on a 2-piece TUNGSTEN lately and it is absolutely amazing. It is like shooting a 9mm nato cartridge. I video recorded it because i couldnt believe the difference, then i swapped back to the 16lb stock and S.S. F.L.G.R. And it was night and day. P.M. Me if you want link to video. Just my .2
  20. I just posted a thread on this DOUG KOENIG S&W I wouldnt choose ANY standard production external extractor S&W 1911s,but if i had to pick either a KIMBER (there is no actual CUSTOM SHOP just higherline production models) or if i was forced to carry/compete with this DOUG KOENIG S&W, I would say the KIMBER GRAND RAPTOR II is equal in performance and as better cocking serrations, the DOUG KOENIG is almost smooth and with sweaty hands in a stress fire scenario with a heavy recoil spring you would have a hard time getting a strong purchase on the slide to cycle it. Besides the slide serrations being too smooth, the ambi safety dug into my strong hand knuckle joint and it didnt like certain mags. The question should be for what price point and NEW/USED what 1911 out of (list what you like and feels good) because 1911s are subjective and you can only ask people who have shot them what issues they may have encountered,so you can avoid them. But in the case of the two examples i provided you can reas my thread or PM me,i recorded a few videos testing the S&W DOUG KOENIG 1911 with different mags and ammo. You would be surprised to hear a certain name brand magazine WOULD NOT WORK at all,since it wouldnt allow the mag catch to engage due to the S&W MAGWELL! Pm me for info...good luck with your hunt for the 1911 that you enjoy shooting. I think the D.K. Would be ok for someone with some small mods. I think my buddy only wants $975 for it now. Thats better than buying a PHILIPINO STI SPARTAN. Just because its a name brand doesnt mean its quality.ARMSCOR and S.A.M. Make so many "USA" made assumed 1911s. Do your research. $500 new IVER JOHNSON EAGLE and a S.T.I. SPARTAN are both made in PHILIPPINES among many many others. In that case i much rather spend $1000 and buy the DOUG KOENIG S&W. I told one of my buddies who is young (mid 20s) and doesnt have arthritis like i do and the slide serrations work fine for him, he should buy this DK since i can get it for a good cheap price and its only had about 500rounds through it. I was going to just charge $50.00 over for him which i still think is a fair price for one of these.
  21. John Dean "Jeff" Cooper (10 May 1920 - 25 September 2006 ) "Jeff" Cooper is recognized as the father of what is commonly known as "The Modern Technique" of handgun shooting, and considered by many to be the world's foremost expert on the use and history of small arms. Cooper is a former Marine Lt. Colonel who served in World War II and in Southeast Asia during the Korean War. In addition to his expertise in firearms, he has been a history instructor, ph...

    1. Kimbertarget


      , philosopher, adventurer, and author. He is also known as "the Guru."

      In 1976 Cooper founded the American Pistol Institute (API, also known as "Gunsite") in northern Arizona to train law enforcement and military personnel, as well as law-abiding civilians. He sold the firm in 1989 but continued living on the ranch. He was well-known for his cogent and thoroughly researched advocacy of large caliber handguns for personal defense, especially the 1911 Colt.

  22. the D.K. Was a loaner i got to have for the weekend from my gunsmith friend.In regards to your comment about spending the extra $100 for an S.T.I. You would choose an S.T.I. SPARTAN?
  23. I think KIMBERS are overpriced and the external ejector models are SHITE. You have to read my other posts to get the inside JOKE on KIMBERS my misses had a KIMBER POLY TARGET and just loves her TWO-TONE PRO RAPTOR II which looks like a grand raptor but is officer sized. I will post pics when i get a chance,i called Kimber and they said the previous owner must have has the slide refinished because they never made a P.R.2 with tha two-tone finish like a grand raptor. It also has a flat top slide with the dragon scale/scallops machined on it. It is a very attractive pistol but i am NOT a KIMBER fan. They do look aesthetically pleasing in the case,but i would never run one personally but she hasnt had any issues in steel challenge with the ones she has owned and i didnt want to buy it. However i agreed with the guys on here and bought it so i wouldnt be in the dog house. Plus all the young girls at the range say its "cute" so having a KIMBER is like having a puppy at the range. Meanwhile my full custom with numerous mods only gets the nod from old timers.COLTS will always have name recognition and JOHN MOSES BROWNING will always be associated with COLT. COLT is made in the Constitution state and for me symbolizes AMERICANA like my PANHEAD or my CHEVELLE. You can say your NINJA this or TURBO that is faster and handles better butyou know what has retained its value for over a century and will continue to as a PRODUCTION 1911? Give you one guess..starts with C- ends in OLT...not a fanboy just a patriot. I rather have YOST or NIGHTHAWK customize a COLT than buy some philipino,spray and bake,large billboard roll mark lettered wanna be Tactical pistol. The only smart weapon is in between your ears! If you want to know what i like and why it is based from where im from and what ive competed with. 1) SVI 2) BRILEY/MORRIS/YOST HEIRLOOM PRECISION/Rogers,BRAZOS,HARRISON 3) S.T.I. (NON-philipino full dust cover models) 4) the old all STEEL ROCK RIVER 1911s not poly,nighthawk,wilson,brown,BAER,Dan wesson 5) COLT CUSTOM COMBAT/or enhanced PRE XS models with flat top/undercut/flared ejection port,beveled magwell etc, (PEOPLE will disagree with COLT but it is the origionator and to me its the CHEVY SMALL BLOCK of 1911s, and only the two models i mentioned are ones i recommend as a foundation for a great affordable build. Any 1911 i havent owned ive been loaned or have shot at one time. Then KIMBER,SPRINGER,S&W,PARA,SIG,ROBERTS DEFENSE BOTTOM grade would be- Any S.A.M. or ARMSCOR made 1911 IVER JOHNSON (ive had an I.J. EAGLE which was my misses 1st 1911 with STI REAR SIGHT AND TRIGGER and it was reliable for a season),TAURUS,CHIAPPA,Regent,american classic, and CHARLES DALY M-5 or any BUL ISRAEL models ive had nothing but 3-point jams even using chip/tripp/wilson mags and tuning extractor,etc etc, so ive given up on them I dont consider SPRAY AND BAKE,RAIL 1911s true CUSTOMS like some keyboard commandos do. Here are some custom 1911s i think are worth the money:(my opinion,so if you dont agree,remember is is MY OPINION). I am a huge fan of CROWNING/FLUSH CUT, or reverse plug and crowned bull barrels, as for frames i like NON-rail for a traditional 1911 and for matches that allow the extra weight, i like FULL LENGTH DUST COVERS for the surface area primarily then the additional weight without having to go with a brittle Tungsten F.L.G.R. Just my .2 because someone asked. Couple of my personal 1911s OTHERS (stock photos) http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k166/poppanitrous/3466ebd3de8a1193c99c7b47f5f2b997.jpg
  24. I had my pins and a set of E.B. t-10 torx fasteners NITRE BLUE treated and just after a few disassemblies the pin for my MSH has completely worn through the blue finish. It is a deep blue not the straw or purple color so it was left in the salt peter long enough it seems. Besides using carbon steel is there any criteria to make the pins keep their nitre blue finish longer? Does anyone here have nitre blue pins and what type of punch besides brass do you use to keep tham from marring the finish? I cant get a good pic with my cell hone camera so here is an heirloom stock photo:
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