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    AGGRAVATING SELF APPOINTED EXPERTS AND THOSE TACTI-COOL FOOL,key board commandos. Funny how many D-class people try and give advice on here.
    For those lurking my profile,yes i compete when im home,yes ive won production ANCIENT CITY SHOOTING RANGE ST AUGUSTINE 13 ive also won S.S/..Just took 2nd place in production volusia gun club. So if you really want to lurk my profile so i can see who the stalkers are,i dont know why those are disagreeing with me only owning USA made products. Even though i buy and sell USED pistols those are not relegated to my safe. Im against corporate oursourcing.I speak as someone who worked industry through his early 20s to late 30s. These little digs onnthese forums about COLT just goes to show how many NON-PATRIOTS are left.
    If you dont give a damn about something thats your right,but dont expect me to follow your nonsense of WALMART shopping, PHILIPINO 1911s,And your korean minivans.this has nothing to do with being ANTI-anything, but it has everything to do with being PRO-AMERICAN !!!!
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