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  1. Thanks, I’m glad it’s not just me. Could this be why they do not offer a 147 gr’er? I too remember the two press days. I would like to see them make a more professional tshirt rather than the “will work for bullets” suspect of being designed by the great guys on the production floor.
  2. I wanted to mention something about RMR, following them on FB and Instagram they are always coming out with new in shop rounds and show how. Always having sales and posting pics of their facility, interesting stuff. Well at least to us not in Open Nationals ..... Yet!
  3. Yup, I switched to rmrbullets.com, smaller company making their own bullets, and deals. Owner seems to be a decent family guy.
  4. Do you warn the mail man LOL. I tell them to just push them out the back of their truck in front of my garage.
  5. Thanks Challenge, I just got a great Huawei 6G WiFi router with camera and microphone for next to nothing!
  6. Now I’m curious as to why aftermarket “Match” barrels have the deeper chambers and are possibly more accurate than Glocks shallow match?
  7. Is it best to deal with KKM directly or a favorite online site?
  8. Same findings here. Precision Delta and Montana Gold 124 gr. FMJs are now loaded to 1.100 oal for my gen 5s. I’m curious if that small amount of extra rifling increases accuracy, if so why not make the barrel .100” longer. No need to answer that. Oh, my LGS is having the Glock rep out for a sale day and I may question him just for the heck of it.
  9. You’re on the right track from every thread I’ve read on forums. Also the price site, I forget the name shotbot or leadbot or Ammobot? Ammoseek? Crap
  10. Aaaand Powder Valley shows up. Free hazmat @ $140 purchase of select powders.
  11. Well they are charging for shipping now so ...
  12. I’m finding grafs cheapest on smaller orders, 4lbs and 3K. I switched to PDelta when extreme got funky. May order from RMR if PD does nothing for cyber Monday??
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