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  1. I"m looking at these basepads for my Limited Elite. The factory basepads have a small screw that keeps them from sliding off. I lost one and If I'm not careful when I load it and have it resting on something the basepad will slide forward and the spring flies out. Here's my questions; I'm wanting to try these aftermarket basepads but I don't see anything keeping them from sliding like the factory Tanfoglio silver basepads. Will they stay in place or is the solution just not in the pictures? EAA/Tanfoglio Witness Large Frame Easy Off Aluminum Extended Basepad / Base Pad by ShockBottle https://jandlgunsmithing.com/product/tanfoglio-grand-power-aluminum-base-plate-for-large-frame-magazines-h250-t/ or Tanfoglio / Grand Power Aluminum Base Plate for Large Frame Magazines [H250-T] https://jandlgunsmithing.com/product/tanfoglio-grand-power-aluminum-base-plate-for-large-frame-magazines-h250-t/ Thanks in advance. I've got 6 45acp, 6 9mm and have 1 10mm, soon to be six so I want to invest wisely on getting these basepads. Thanks in advance, Steve
  2. Thanks, but no. I'd like to add 10mm to what I already have or just purchase the Witness Hunter outright. Steve
  3. Think I'll start watching the auction sites Thanks for the information.
  4. I have a Limited. Bottom picture. Bought as a .45 and then I bought a 9mm upper with the tapered barrel, etc. I'd love to find a 10mm upper for less than the 700+ EAA wants. Thinking is if I'm going to spend that much I may as well buy a Hunter 10mm and have the whole pistol. Thanks for for your reply. I've learned a LOT reading your posts! Steve
  5. So, I have a Tanfoglio Witness Elite and if I buy a EAA Hunter 10mm I'll be able to swap calibers? I got a little confused there. Brain is getting soft in my old age. Thanks for for the replies!
  6. Will the upper on a 10mm Hunter long slide fit on a Witness Elite? I've been wanting a 10mm for a while and I have a 9mm and a .45 acp upper already for my Tanfoglio Witness Elite. Would be great to just swap them around! Thanks for any responses
  7. Make sure the trigger bar spring is pushing on both side of the bar with equal tension. So when it lifts it there isn't any bind. Just my guess... Steve
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