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  1. Thats what I was thinking. Shot the novekse match last year and they had a plate rack at like 70 yards or so. Was tough with my c- more. Switching to to this for their next match in hopes the smaller for is easier for precise targets
  2. Just ordered a 510c. is everyone running the 2 moa dot or dot with circle?
  3. I’ve had a brigand arms for over a year and it’s solid as they come
  4. So holosun 510c for 211$ or 510c elite for 248$ Is the green reticle worth the price increase?
  5. Figures they are releasing one after I bought a full short stroke kit instead of my 4 weight scs
  6. Got mine for 174$ New with a discount code from strong side tactical
  7. Strong side tactical has/had 15% off and free shipping. Ordered a jp short stroke for like 175$ shipped
  8. Ordered the jp short stroke kit, should be here this week Cant wait
  9. Mine are the KCI drum mags, jamming occurred 2 times when started from a full magazine. After that happened I threw it back in my bag and used 30 round mags and decided the reload was quicker than messing around with a jam from the 50 round mag. I just got my MBX Mega last week. Not sure about selling it, gonna mess around with it for a bit and see if I can get it ironed out.
  10. I have one and it starts jamming with about 10-15 rounds left in it, I decided not to use it anymore. I made the switch to the MBX mega for my big mag.
  11. Was just coming to say the same thing....If you're shooting PCC major you're doing it wrong.
  12. While everyone is suggesting the JP short stroke system, its more than likely in your gmr-13 you have the 4 weight SCS, which their short stroke upgrade does not work for.
  13. Have been running a 8 moa c-more, but thinking of switching to a holosun 510c
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