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  1. wacpa

    CZ Custom--Contact Info

    Thanks everyone. Stuart contacted me today. Just super busy.
  2. wacpa

    CZ Custom--Contact Info

    Is CZ Custom in Mesa, AZ still in business?.. I have tried to contact them for the past two weeks by phone and e-mail. No response. Left voice mail and replied to Stuart on his e-mail so I assume I have a correct e-mail address. Any information would be appreciated.
  3. My son and I each had a Brazos custom limited gun built in 2014. The guns run very well. In my experience any time I purchase a stock gun it takes some grooming and tuning to get it to run flawlessly. Brazos' gun are ready to run when you get them. The downside is waiting for one to be built but probably worth the wait in my opinion. If you do not want to wait buy something that will sell easily when your custom gun is ready. I think this is the avenue most people take. I know it is for me.
  4. wacpa

    Open gun shooting

    Running without a comp would not be a problem for open minor. You might be able to get your glock into carry optics if it does not exceed the weight limit.
  5. wacpa

    Shot size for Trap and Skeet

    Number 8 shot would be the best for trap and skeet if only loading one shot size. Typically 7 1/2 shot is used for handicap shooting in trap. In years past 8 1/2 size shot was available and would work well for singles shooting in trap or skeet. I do not know if it is available today.
  6. At the time I purchased the Armscor it was the only thing available.
  7. wacpa

    Shooting from the 27 yard position

    As stated above shooting from the 27 yd line is difficult but a lot of fun. Many trap games such as protections and annie oakly's are shot from the 27 yd line. You might want to gear-up just a little if you plan shooting much from the 27. As a rule of thumb you can shoot pretty well from the 16yd line to the 24 yd line without a great deal of difference in your timing and leads. When you go to the 25 yd line things change a little. As you move back the amount of movement of your gun decreases. It appears you can shoot faster because you do not have to move your gun as far but you should avoid the temptation to shoot faster. Keep you head down (on the stock), look at the target and smoothly swing to the target. Practicing in this manner will prepare you for long yardage shooting.
  8. It appears the Armscor brass used loading 38SC is not as durable as the Starline brass. After shooting the Armscor brass will have a burr on the rim of the case. This happens to perhaps 3% of the fired Armscor brass. This must be removed before it will slip completely into a case guage. The Starline brass does not seem to have this problem. Is this typical?
  9. wacpa

    Slide Racker for STI 2011 with C-more

    The Brazos zigracker is nice and easy to remove. Others have a set screw that must be removed or loosened before the racker can be removed. The Brazos is the best setup.
  10. wacpa

    which barrel

    Remington 1100's that are kept clean are very durable shotguns. Parts are cheap and available. Barrels are also available which gives you a lot of options.
  11. wacpa

    Shooting from the 27 yard position

    The 1 1/8 oz at 1200 feet per second of 7 1/2 shot will handle trap targets well. You can shoot these shells for singles shooting from the 16 yd line or the 27 yd line.
  12. wacpa

    New to Clays

    The barrel length for the Browning of 30" would work well for trap and sporting clays. If you are a very muscular person you might consider the 32" barrels. The difference between the models will be in the stocks. The gun will usually be the same otherwise.
  13. wacpa

    Anyone here shoot a Kolar?

    Kolar's are very well built competition shotguns. They have been a little heavy but now have thin wall barrels to reduce the weight.
  14. wacpa

    Beginners Gun For Clays

    Depending how serious you are about trapshooting you might consider a combo setup. This is an over/under set of barrels and a single barrel which fits on the same receiver. Some of these combos can be purchased used for a few thousand depending on the make and model. If you go this route you usually do not have to buy numerous trap guns which can save a lot of money. This one gun will shoot all of the trap disciplines. I would also be the first to admit trading guns may be part of the appeal of the game. Always looking for one more bird whether one more out of 25, 100 or a 1000.
  15. wacpa

    glasses for trap

    In the trapshooting arena the Pilla's are becoming more and more common. As stated above no center post. Also the lens colors relate to the amount of light that is allowed to pass through the lenses. A three set package will usually be adequate for most light conditions. I have 22's, 38's and 62's which covers most light conditions very well.