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  1. Number 8 shot would be the best for trap and skeet if only loading one shot size. Typically 7 1/2 shot is used for handicap shooting in trap. In years past 8 1/2 size shot was available and would work well for singles shooting in trap or skeet. I do not know if it is available today.
  2. Kolar's are very well built competition shotguns. They have been a little heavy but now have thin wall barrels to reduce the weight.
  3. Depending how serious you are about trapshooting you might consider a combo setup. This is an over/under set of barrels and a single barrel which fits on the same receiver. Some of these combos can be purchased used for a few thousand depending on the make and model. If you go this route you usually do not have to buy numerous trap guns which can save a lot of money. This one gun will shoot all of the trap disciplines. I would also be the first to admit trading guns may be part of the appeal of the game. Always looking for one more bird whether one more out of 25, 100 or a 1000.
  4. In the trapshooting arena the Pilla's are becoming more and more common. As stated above no center post. Also the lens colors relate to the amount of light that is allowed to pass through the lenses. A three set package will usually be adequate for most light conditions. I have 22's, 38's and 62's which covers most light conditions very well.
  5. 28" with tubes would be a good choice. If you want to shoot trap a 30" barrel might be more suited to the game. Also shooting trap a fixed choke barrel would be acceptable in full choke or improved modified.
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