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  1. Shot this last Sunday. L10 8.68s 54pts What did I win?
  2. My favorite so far is http://phpwebhosting.com I've been using them for a year or so. They DO have a bandwidth limit, but unless you are BIG I doubt it will be a problem. Check This thread for others.
  3. I know this has been beat to death, but can you shoot 40S&W lead throught the Bar-Sto without ANY worry, considering you clean it every 500rnds or so? I'll probably be getting a G35 soon and would want to use it in IDPA/IPSC with lead (I'm cheap) and would like accuracy AND lead shooting.
  4. Looking at your guy's scores made me think I shot the wrong classifier. L10 75 pts 10 pen 21.88 time 2.9707 HF 68.4318 stage points class?
  5. smoooooth, must think smooooth. Now I have Sade "smooth operator" playing in my head. Smooooth is shall be! Thanks again. I'll post them in the Classifier area when I get the results, and let T.I.S. have a guess at how I did.
  6. That is how my normal game goes. I'm actually starting to "speed up by slowing down" or at least my last match was smoother and faster than any before. I thought it might be worth shooting my fastest for "grade", but think I'll stay at a comfortable pace, and expect a "C" class, and hope for a "B". PS. Thanks for the help guys!
  7. I couldn't figure where to put this question, so here it is. I have (1) official classifier score on my IPSC Card, and our club is putting on a speacial match this month with (4) classifiers. Since having a "good" or "bad" day will effect my initial ranking greatly, I'm wondering how I should shoot the match? Do I shoot as fast as possible on the ragged edge, or stay smooth and risk the lower score? My only classifier was CM 99-21 I know that El Presidente is one of them, but forgot the rest. I probably won't have time to practice them, so that makes things a bit harder, but I will be working on my standard practice routine of reloads/draws/splits. So what say ye? RAGGED EDGE / CONTROLLED
  8. The cheapest thing I found was the one below. I bought (4) of them and they hold the mag tight! Singles are easier to place on the belt and offer more to grab. They go for $15.00 locally. I'm not shooting IDPA with my GM anymore, so if you want the model shown in SS 1911, I have (4)LNIB I'll sell for $40.00 delivered. click for more info
  9. I'm shooting a stock (minus Heinie St. Eights & 3,5 disconnector) Glock 23 in my daily carry rig. I just started shooting IDPA for "tactical practice" and don't worry about the clock. I run a M1911 SS with all the goodies for IPSC and "game it" all the way. Best of both worlds, and the IDPA accuracy can't hurt I figure?
  10. So basically you're saying "they stink!"? Thanks Flex for the help. Does "freestyle" mean that it's always a "shoot em as you see em"? <he said> hanging his head, dragging his pencil back to the drawing board....
  11. I'm less than 6 months old in this game, but in my "part of the woods" they put "volunteers" to work ASAP. I'm supose to be putting up stages at our local matches, and have ZERO experience and little shooting of stages to draw on. I found Maass' webpage and am starting to disect the rule book, but thought maybe if anyone was interested they could take a look at what I have so far and tell me "why its wrong" or what you would do to change it? I'll start with Diminishing Returns and Stop & Go Thanks! PS: If this is OFF TOPIC please let me know. (Edited by day5creations at 10:53 pm on Feb. 25, 2003)
  12. Thanks T.I.S. L10 58pt. 6.82 = 8.504398827 HF ? (Edited by day5creations at 6:00 pm on Feb. 16, 2003)
  13. Just finished shooting this my first "official card carrying" classifier. I just started shooting in Oct. 2002. In practice my best was 6.12 with A/C's, but during the match today I got a 6.82 with (11) A's and (1) C. What I can't figure is where do you see how well that score was against everyone else? Could someone point me to the URL that shows the current %'s so I can get a rough idea of what level I shot it at. Thanks (Edited by day5creations at 5:05 pm on Feb. 16, 2003)
  14. I'm new to IPSC, but afer watching Matt Burketts DVD's and changing my grip to start with the thumb on the safety, I find it real easy to flick it off sooner than I use to. Before changing grips (not sure if I'll stick with it) I would pull from the holster with the thumb under the safety and have to make a motion up and down to disengage. Seemed safer but slower. Having the thumb on it causes me to keep a relaxed grip on the draw because if I "tighten down", the safety gets squeezed off. In the end I like Matt's method, but have not worked on it enough to be 100% comfortable that I will not sweep the safety off early (in the 45deg area) as opposed to where I like it to come off, in the "pushing out" part of my presentation. Clear as mud? For me the safety goes off as gun goes out toward target and before sight picture is obtained.
  15. I had this done on my Heine Straight-8's by a gunsmith for $10.00. Hardly seems worth the trouble to do it yourself.
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