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  1. I got my slide back from KE the other day and it's really nice work. The ACRO sits reeeally low to the slide.
  2. I have one on the way and my slide is at KE Arms right now getting milled for it. For a purely USPSA carry optics application a DPP is probably better, but I'm going to use this gun/optic for general defensive duty and competition so I wanted Aimpoint level bombproofness. I won't have any backup irons on this gun, I want the optic to totally replace the sighting system and force me to learn to use a dot effectively for all applications.
  3. I shot my G45 in production last weekend. It's bone stock and performed well. I can make good hits and the Gen 5 stock trigger really isn't bad at all. I currently have an Aimpoint ACRO on preorder to go on this gun for CO and general defensive duty. We'll see how that combo works out.
  4. The TTI springs that came with my base pads were longer than the factory springs and seem to be pretty stiff. We'll see how they run.
  5. I was totally ready to have my G45 milled for a DPP but now that I've seen the new Aimpoint ACRO being showed off at shot show I'm thinking I might wait for them to release.
  6. Found a good deal on the G45 so I figured I give it a shot. Curious to experiment with the hybrid design in CO since there's no sight radius handicap to worry about. I do also like how the 34 shoots too, so we'll see.
  7. I picked up a G45 the other day and will be getting some trigger time on it this weekend. The plan is to have it milled for a DPP.
  8. I just ordered my first set of TTI +6 basepads so I guess I'll find out if I have this problem or not soon enough. I wonder if there are any difference between the magazine generations that could cause issues? Like does one generation of follower allow for more or less compression than another?
  9. MPF


    If they really come out with a .22 I hope they work their Glock magazine magic and come up with something reliable to feed rimfire.
  10. Thanks for posting that write up. There are definitely some things going for the G45 platform in my opinion. Is the slide literally a G19 slide? Or are there differences? Also, out of curiosity, which optic did you have issues with?
  11. I had a similar thoughts too. Do you think lightning cuts would make that big a difference? The material removed for the optic cut would somewhat make up for the weight of the optic. I like the full frame vs a 19, the gen5 grip (no finger grooves), and even front slide serrations. I've seen tungsten guide rods for gen5 G19's but I don't really know if the G45 slide is exactly the same as a 19...
  12. Agreed. I started with a hogue and it has way too much flex. Magpul or one of the other Boyd's stocks that doesn't have a pistol grip would be my vote if you have restrictions.
  13. I don't think I've ever replaced anything on a Glock out of necessity...Probably means I should shoot more, or keep them longer, or both.
  14. Drop in is my vote. More $$ but huge difference.
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