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  1. I'm gonna pray for all Y'all now. Let's reserve this thread for positive statements and updates on the upcoming 2016 Ms Classic.
  2. I have Heinie Straight 8 night sights on my G42 & G23. I love them. Work great day & night. Easy to line up for a shot. Perfect for total darkness
  3. Check out G2 Gemini. They did 3 shirts for us and we're happy with them. www.g2gemini.com
  4. Haha. I thought I was the only one that used this method!
  5. Nice idea. Beats the painters tape that I've been using to stick targets to the walls
  6. This was my first time at the Gator. Had a blast shooting this weekend. Hope to make the cut next year. Thanks to all the match staff for making it safe and fun this weekend.
  7. I've used them with 4.8gr Unique in my G35. Shot well, no problems
  8. Welcome from Pearl, MS. Lots of good info on here.
  9. Xtreme 180gr plated rnfp 5.0 Unique 1.130 OAL 172pf Shooters 180gr lead rnfp 5.0 Unique 1.141 OAL 180pf
  10. I think the mix works good. It cleans the brass well and I don't have any issues when separating the media from the brass. When the corn cob turns black, I toss the media in the flower bed and refill the tumbler. The dryer sheets are cut into quarters and pulled out after the tumbling session. Works for me.
  11. I use a 75% walnut 25% corn cob mix. Cleans and polishes. Nufinish and dryer sheets help keep the dust down and helps the corn cob polish.
  12. I use 3/4 walnut & 1/4 corn cob with a capful of Nufinish. Also cut a used dryer sheet in 1/4's for dust. The dryer sheets get tossed after every batch. I run about 600-700 rounds on a capful of Nufinish at 250-300 rounds per batch. I toss the media mix when the corn cob is charcoal colored. I have run about 3k rounds through in about 4 weeks on this media mix. Will probably change the mix before I run anymore brass. I find that the Nufinish helps to lube the .40 Brass before I run it through the GRX die. Crushed walnut and corn cob is cheap at Petsmart, 25lb bags at a time. Edit: I also bought a plug in timer for my tumbler. Now I set the timer, fill the tumbler and check it when I think about it. I can set it to start right before I get home from work or can set it to go off sometime during the night and don't have to worry about it.
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