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  1. Got my replacement today as well, best news I've had all week. Our local agent replaced it with a red / green, but with the polymer slide instead of the metal. Win some, lose some. Just glad I can get back to my routine. That and lighting up everything in the house!
  2. I'm waiting for my third one. First one broke the trigger sear plate thing you mentioned. Second one just stopped emitting laser. Being in South Africa, it's now been a good couple of months without my SIRT, not sure what the talks between our agent and NLT is. I hope NLT ups the quality, it's an expensive product. Maybe I got 2 lemons. Maybe. But then I think our whole shipment was lemony. We have a small shooting community, and others with SIRTS have had the same issues. Oh, I was also puzzled by the mag with a single weight in it. I assumed it was because I bought the red/red model.
  3. Interesting thread, and lots of insight. Bones, while I am unable to do those math calcs on my own, you explained it well and the logic is sound. I consider myself an example of that. A small country, where shooting is somewhat politically incorrect and dominated by a minority demographic group, does not bode well for proper statistical data as the number of competitors are so low. Yet here I am, classified as EX due to a match bump. I find myself somewhat disappointed, as I am not able to shoot EX on the Classifier. Yet. But someone had to be bumped, whether or not anyone from that group are indeed at EX level. Okay since then I have started taking the sport more seriously, reading up on stuff (thanks, Mr Stoeger) and gaining advice, dry firing and practicing when I have the time. I feel like I need to be able to shoot EX at a Classifier to prove to myself that I earn the classification. There is a measure of responsibility that goes with it. I pitch at my local club (which has 2 MAs and I think 3 EXs), and some of the NOs and MMs in my detail would actually stand around and watch me shoot or ask advice, etc, and I don't want to be giving out incorrect info, and I don't feel qualified to answer them. Either way, I have improved a lot, so we'll see at the next Classifier early next year. What I can say, is that this mechanical system of improving classifications have forced me to become a better shooter. In answer to the OP, then: do not sandbag the Classifier. Do your best, and accept the classification it spits out.
  4. Carry a S&W SD9, compete with a Glock 17. Same manual of arms, the Smith just carries a bit easier as the grip is less abrasive.
  5. Hi all New joiner here. Knew of the forum for some time, but never got round to actually reading it. Boy, have I missed out! Coming from South Africa, violent crime is pretty rife, so carrying a firearm for SD is pretty obvious for every clear thinking individual. From that, I got introduced to IDPA, which I took up as a means to get to know my firearm. I have since acquired a Glock 17 specifically for IDPA, but to back up as carry gun. At the last tier 2 shoot (this weekend) I got bumped to SSP EX, and the realisation that I am now no longer in screw-around territory, made me decide to take this a bit more seriously. And thus, I came across this forum! I won't be posting much, I think most of the questions I might have, have been asked 10 times over before, so I'll be trawling the forums and subforums for quite some time. Cheers, Skaaphaas (Oh, please forgive the odd sounding username. I use it on all the forums and in Afrikaans it actually means something, albeit weird there, too!)
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