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  1. Starline brass is thick at the base where the skirt of the HBWC would be sitting and squeezes the skirt a bit undersize. This extra thickness also reduces the case volume for powder, like +P cases. Your starting load might be close to maximum because of the reduced volume. Most of the data for HBWC loads are based on European brass which is thin all the way to the base.
  2. First up what cases are you using? After you sized and flare a care seat a projectile to the correct depth. Then knock it out. Compare the size of the projectile to a new one. Measure a couple of places for each one. Like the top, mid section and hollow base section. If the projectile is smaller than a new one the cases are sizing the projectile. You will need an oversized full length expander. Not the ones that come with standard dies.
  3. Well that's confusing. I have a Gold Match which has a 6" slide and takes the standard springs as there is an extra block on the guide rod that reduces the effective length.
  4. Hi Toolguy. Could you share some photos of this? I noticed that my K frame stirrup is at 45 and the main spring would need LOTS of bending to get it sitting flat. Thanks
  5. Hi Guys What is the size of the Torx bit I need for the Henning flat trigger screw? I have tried T5, T10 and T15. None of them fit. The T10 is loose. Almost like it could be T12 but I can't find a T12 driver. Thanks
  6. I found this old topic while searching for something else. While it has cylinder stop in the title there is a lot of info about light trigger pulls. http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=26837&hl=%20adjust%20%20cylinder%20%20stop
  7. Oops, thought that I found it but this one has a spur http://powercustom.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=12&products_id=1159
  8. It maybe the center mass of the black thing. What other position do you shoot at 50m (or scaled 25m) and where do they group?
  9. What target are you shooting at? If you are not shooting neck hold at 50 then you are shooting center mass. The 10 ring is above the center line of the black mass of the PCC target. Therefore you will be low if you aim for center mass. But this should also happen on all positions at 50. Maybe with prone due to the neck position and vision you are aiming slightly different. Do you wear glasses? Are you looking through the top of the glasses in the prone and through the middle in the other positions?
  10. "slight dimple in the centre of the Federals" Bingo. This could be the root of your issues. When you are setting the primers that hard the anvil is cracking the cake / disk of priming compound. This then moves away from the anvil so you either have to strike it with more force or multiple time for it to ignite. Had a fellow club member have the same issue with his Service / Unrestricted gun. The gun was apart many times and our Gunsmith could find an issue. Changed the way he was seating his primes and issues went away. His process now is to gently push the press lever till he feels the primer has hit the bottom, rotate the case 180 degrees and presses the lever again. This ensures that the primer sits squarely in the primer pocket. He is using a Dillon 650. I have been told this by a few other shooters. Yes this is a slow and long winded process but there is nothing worse then going to an open and having a light strike and dropping 10 points. The way I do it is once I feel that the primer has hit the bottom I add a smidge more pressure. If you do a little at a time and look at the primer each step you will see the radius at the edge of the primer flatten out. Once you see it start to flatten then that the depth to set your press / primer stop. Any further and it is too much. Just hope that you don't have any deep primer pockets.One of the advantages of hand priming is that you feel the seating pressure go up exponentially with you hit the bottom of the primer pocket. I keep thinking about using one of those primer pocket reamers to make sure all my primer pocket depths are the same.
  11. Is it possible to remove the rear sight blade for the super sights without damaging them? Would like to do some mods to the gap.
  12. Thanks for the info. Were is the best place to buy the springs? Will be used for WA1500 and Pistol Australia Service pistol matches which both require a minimum trigger pull.
  13. Well this is opposite to all the other trigger posts. Have a Tanfoglio Gold Match in 9mm. Factory trigger pull is around 1200g (2.6lb) the matches that it will be used in require a 1360g (3.0lb) trigger pull. At least a won't have a mushy trigger. What is the best / easiest way to increase the weight? Thanks
  14. Who anyone like to share the files for 3D printing?
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