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  1. Unfortunetly our web master is stuck in a snow storm on travel. He promises to get them posted ASAP. Sorry about the delay. On the bright side, I want to thank all of the shooters and match staff who came to support our match, especially the Marines who came out to help set up on Friday, thanks guys! We had record attendance this year with 114 shooters registered and 110 showing up to shoot. Our Sponsors, including our forum host, Brian Enos! are a big part of that support and I would like to again thank them all. If you get a chance send them an email, drop by their web site, support the companies who support us, and you! Thanks again. We are still calculating the final $$$ for our donation but it looks like we will have over $10,000 to be donated to Toys For Tots this year!!!! That puts us among the top 40 or 50 companies in the nation to donate to their cause! (According to what I can tell from their web page.) Thanks so much! See you next year!
  2. Update on our sponsor list. We are up to 67 registered shooters!!! Stages have been posted here: Stages This is really shaping up to be a great match. I would like to thank everyone who has volunteered to help with the match. Now is the time when things get really interesting... (And exciting... 2 weeks to go! Thanks, Ira Weiny TASC President
  3. Yea we thought about that, but what'ca goin' do... We hope if you are not going somewhere you will come see us. Ira
  4. Well it is that time of year again. TASC (Tuesday Action Shooting Club) is putting on the: 17th Annual Bay Bridge Charity Classic Last year we raised over $9,000 for Toys for Tots!!! Thanks again to last years sponsors. The match fee is again $75 which includes lunch on Sunday. October 23-25th (Full day Saturday with 1/2 day Sunday. RO's and match staff may shoot on Friday if there is time and they want to.) Open Squading Registration forms, stages, and other details can be found here: http://www.tasc-ipsc.org/charity.html We have a number of sponsors again this year. Thanks so much!!! In addition to the match we are raffling off 6 Springfield firearms (2 XD .40, 2 XD 9mm, and 2 1911 .45's). All the proceeds from that raffle go to Toys For Tots. PM/email me if you are interested in tickets ($5 each) and I can send you some. Thanks, Ira Weiny -- TASC President Tracy O'Barr -- Match Director PS to all those heading to Nationals! :-D
  5. Another update to our sponsors. We now have 4 guns on the prize table thanks in part to another division sponsor Bear Mountain Guns as well as Smith & Wesson. Thank you! Please come out and shoot with us on the 25th and 26th!
  6. Blackhawk has stepped up as a Division sponsor! Thanks! I now have a large box of Blackhawk gear in my living room... Also stages have been posted: Stages here. I'd like to thank all those who submitted stages. I think it is going to be a challenging and fun match this year!
  7. Lorrie is currently trying to log on to thank you guys for offering to help!!! The match is rapidly approaching. We have stages but I have to get them presentable to post! Thanks to all our sponsors and all the offers to help thus far. I know this is going to be another greatt match! Thanks in advance, Ira
  8. Well it is that time of year again. TASC (Tuesday Action Shooting Club) is putting on the: 16th Annual Bay Bridge Charity Classic Last year we raised over $12,000 for Toys for Tots and were the 2nd largest donation in Santa Clara county!!! Thanks again to last years sponsors. This years match is going to be $75 which includes lunch on Sunday. October 25th and 26th (Full day Saturday with 1/2 day Sunday. RO's can shoot on Friday if there is time and they want to.) Open Squading More details can be found here: http://www.tasc-ipsc.org/charity.html Finally I would like to mention this years sponsors (We are still looking for a match sponsor): Thanks, Ira Weiny -- TASC President Lorrie Weiny -- Match Director
  9. I have not posted here for some time but I have been shooting. Lorrie and I are just enjoying ourselves at the local matches. Anyway, one of the things I am doing in the mean time is trying to get better at Photography and I read the following blog post: http://strobist.blogspot.com/2008/01/our-p...-ourselves.html It really struck me how similar this can be to shooting. If you miss a "shot" whether in photo or shooting you have to be honest with yourself. You can do one of 2 things, either deny the fact that something went wrong OR figure out what went wrong (or right) and learn from it. David, the "strobist", says that long time pros have "surgically separated their egos from their photographs." Perhaps that too can be said about the worlds top shooters (Guns that is )? Ira
  10. Focus there...not on the outcome, but on seeing the sights? Sometimes I think this is the true root of the problem. Focusing on the outcome of things is so often counter productive. Not just in shooting but in life. Focus on the things which will achieve your goal, and the goal will follow. Ira
  11. Hey Thanks guys. I will be checking out all those web sites. Lorrie and I were not going to bring the IPSC stuff but after checking out Norco's page I am wondering. Do they require some sort of local holster qualification to come shoot with them, or would our USPSA classification card be good enough? I am B and Lorrie is C? Ira
  12. I grew up in Upland Ca and am going home next week to visit the parents. I have a new M1 and Lorrie has a new shotgun we would like to take out and show off. But I did not get into guns until after I moved away from home so I don't know where to take my dad. I guess there is big club out in Norco? But I don't know any of the details. Do you guys have a public range? My dad mentioned that he thinks the range at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area (near the 605 & 210 interchange) has closed. Is that true? I guess that is where he has gone before. My dad is not a competition shooter so we are just looking for a trap range and riffle/pistol range. I plan to let him shoot my M1 .308, .45 & .22 pistol, and perhaps Lorries 20 guage and I know he has some .22 riffles he might like to take out. Thanks in advance, Ira
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