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  1. So I am an adult student working for a BS in Network Administration. For my most recent class I had to create a website writing all of the HTML and CSS code myself. I was no allowed to use a GUI site editor at all. I thought there might be someome interested. Feel free to email the "Contact Us? link on the bottom of the pages to submit new information about Local Clubs, Dealers, events. (it maybe a week or so before I can add anything you submit as I have to wait for my school to finish grading the page before I change anything) http://greatercincinnatipracticalshootersweb.herobo.com/ Hopefully it will continue to grow. I have about 3 terms left after this one ends this month. The term after next I have to take a JavaScript course so hopefully at that point I can add some more interactivity to the site.
  2. So as I said I had to create a webpage for a class I was taking. Well here it is http://greatercincinnatipracticalshootersweb.herobo.com/. Its nothing special, but the term after next I have to take a JavaScript class so hopefully I can add some interactivity at that point.
  3. I have this happen with my lee loadmaster and carbide dies to the point where I cant even reload 9mm right now. The Lee customer service guy refused to accept it was anyones fault but mine because "you hace to lube the cases" even though they specifically state you don't need to lube with carbide. And I def have the right shell plate it deforms the rim of the case when it pulls out of the shell plate. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  4. This is a good point. I don't know who the AD is other than is name is Kyle thanks to Gary Stevens post earlier. I don't know how to easily find the information on USPSA.org. A website would include his name at atleast an email address for him. Wordpress? The Blogging site? My main problem with a web based webpage editor is you actually don't own the code when you use one of those. I want a GUI page editor installed on my computer so that I have 100% control of the code in the HTML & CSS documents. That way I can manually edit the meta tags, keywords, etc. and I don't have to worry about the web editor entering code that I will never see to track my visitors, and run things in the background I don't know about. If the Web page editor provided me with the HTML file and CSS file each time I save them so that I can verify the code then I wouldn't have any problem with it. Now those constraints are ones I have placed on the site I am creating for my local "Cincinnati" area. They are not necessarily problems for Area 5, so a solution like WordPress might work well for that.
  5. "Sharepoint"? What the hell is that? Web pages are how I navigate the www. I think it depends a lot on your age . . . or should I say, your generation. I have a Facebook page, but only because my daughter hounded me to no end. Turns out making a business Facebook page was quite fruitful. I have her to thank for that, however, I rarely post to my personal page. What do you mean, "People still use websites?" you're on a website right now aren't you SharePoint would be a good tool, if we were talking about an internal page for us to share information with each other. However, SharePoint is an account based software and optimized to be run on an intranet as a corroboration tool and not the best for an external customer facing webpage, in my experience. As far as Facebook goes I think it is a great tool as an addition to you web presence, however it is beginning to lose popularity with teens, and when it comes to internet tech they are the market keys to watch. Also in the past few years they have changed their algorithm so that your feed shows the most popular posts, not necessarily the most recent. So we might run a match in October 2013 that was very popular, but then our match 4 months later might not show up in your feed because it didn't get as many "likes." It is a very powerful tool, and can do wonders for a very little amount of work, but not by any means a stand alone solution.
  6. I did not mean to say Area6's website is bad at all. I just meant that it is evidence that a site doesn't need to be super complicated to serve the function. Area6's site looks very professional and If a person that lives in Georgia wanted info about USPSA in their area, they would easily be able to find info about clubs in the state, the section coordinator if they needed more info, etc. I would volunteer to do it in a heart beat if I had the skills. I work in IT but have no actual experience with html5. I am a network engineer and going to school for a BS in Network administration. I just finished a class with a small intro to html5 so I am attempting to create something for the Cincinnati area but it looks pretty rough right now and I am very slow at it. My reason for creating one for the Greater Cincinnati area is because living in Cincinnati we really are active in 3 states (Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana) so we have to comb through three states worth of information to get clubs, etc. that are local to us, and to weed through all the info for places very far off (like in the North east corner of Ohio or something like that). I have only been active in the sport for a year so I am not yet to the point where I feel I am good enough to travel that far.
  7. Is the Area5 Facebook active and I just can't find it, or is it the one I mentioned?
  8. As Sarge said, there is a "Big difference between an A5 web page and an A5 match web page." The area 5 match website does not contain information such as a the area directors info, a list of clubs in the area and contact information, a schedule of club level matches (because no one new to the sport is going to pay $100 to go to a sectional as their first match), a list of sections within the area and section coordinators. It could contain maybe a maps with all the USPSA clubs on it so you can see which are closest to you to try out the sport. And the USPSA website is also not a suitable replacement for an A5 web page. Sure you can go to "find a match" but guess what there are no club level matches listed there. You can go to "find a club" but the information there is so spotty on some of the local clubs to me it's next to useless. And USPSA webpage is specifically setup to link to and Area website. When you click "find a club" you get a red, yellow, and blue map of the US if you click any area you will get the area website. They are nothing fancy, but it doesn't have to be. Take the two I just brought up: Area 6, doesn't have much information but it is very professional looking, and at the very least there are links to each section and the contact for that section if you want information. Some of the sections even have a basic schedule or club list, looks like the area left it up to the section to fill it out. Area 8, is very brightly colored but it looks to have about every piece of information you could possibly want. A schedule of every level match, a getting started section, information about a junior camp they have. It even has links to information about multi-gun and Steel challenge. I am a motivated person so I was able to piece information together when I was getting ready, found this website and Sarge was able to give me some information, and contacts to get some more. Heck, one of the local matches closest to me doesn't even have a website for the club, and the info in the USPSA club finder had no information about them either. I had to use Sarges info, and then find a webpage that the clubs IDPA shooters created in order to get a contact for USPSA and all information from that match is done through email. My point is that most young shooters my age are not going to go through that much effort. We are a generation of instant gratification, and if we can't get the information quickly we will move on to something else. I myself tried IDPA before USPSA only because it was easier to find local match information. This is a lesson that business had to learn, and it is one that we should pay attention to also.
  9. You can get a domain hosted for free, and we are an organization run mostly by volunteers. Surely some one/smallgroup in area 5 can volunteer some time to create a simple page. secondly, I feel that if other areas can afford it then why are we not able to? Is it a lack of shooters in our area or just a lack of participation on the part of the ones we do have? Because with out proper representation I feel we will not increase our numbers at all, but instead we will dwindle. We have been firmly in the Internet era for some time now. Absolutely no business will survive without a web presence, and you cant expect a small sport to do so either. Or is the budget for an area decided by the uspsa mothership? If that's the case do we have such a small budget that something that is considered as basic as electricity to the business world must be cut? Why is our budget so small?
  10. Unlike all the other areas, we don't have a website. We have a Facebook page...that hasn't been posted to since 2012. I think a basic website is a requirement if we expect to attract new shooters to our sport, specifically younger shooters who are apt to dismiss the sport entirely if information isn't easily found. I am attempting to create a small website for practical shooting in the greater Cincinnati area, but I have little experience with HTML5 so it is very slow going and very basic at this point, and not posted yet. And I am writing all the code in notepad as I havent been able to find a gui editor that will create a page in html5 that is also easy enough for my Barney level skills to use. This will not alleviate the need for a central place for area 5 to look for info.
  11. I don't shoot three gun, but saw some info for the new Trijicon VCOG which is an illuminated 1-6. Other than the $3000 price what do you guys think of that?
  12. This is my main point here, and the reason I asked you all. Specifically because he is trying to play it off as if it is a given that I should be lubing 9mm cases. BTW I have only reloaded about 500 rounds with this die set so there is no reason this die should have a build up or brass or anything in it, and it sure as snot shouldn't be worn out. Surprisingly between here and beretta forum I have had about 30% say they lube 9mm, the vast majority of those lube all other pistol rounds too. Here was the latest email from Lee customer support: The brass I am using is Range pickup, mixed headstamp, and tumbled for a few hours in walnut its not Highly polished at all. I am not loading high volumes at all as I stated I have only loaded about 500 rounds. I know this count because I bought one box of 500 cast bullets to start my reloading adventure, and have just bought my first 200 plated which is when I started having more problems.
  13. I went with the Loadmaster because I really wanted automatic indexing without having to go all the way up to the Dillon 650....now I wish I had.
  14. My USPS mail carrier does this BS on the regular. I can't make it to the post office until after they close so I can never do anything about it. Always gets delivered the next day. The strange thing is when I get a bullet shipment it is always delivered ontime, its just the small things like a recoil spring or grips that they lie about.
  15. This is the most true statement I have ever heard. Anytime I start reloading a new caliber I have to spend an hour or more trying to get everythign working right. I still have problems reloading .40 every single time I try to do it. either the case is missaligned from the dies or the indexing rod will not slide out on the down stroke.
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