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  1. So if it is consistent at PF 158 out of a 4.6”, I would assume a 5” barrel would put you over into major.
  2. Little bunny foo foo as I put my kids to bed. It might actually be worse than the stupid shark song.
  3. I own one but with the lack of market support for things such as mags and holsters, it makes it hard to use for competition. It is a great range gun and for me, that is all I use it for at the moment.
  4. Really nice pictures. Thanks for sharing them.
  5. I first started with TT in my prs rifle and quickly picked up an AR trigger when I was able to. I use geissele triggers at work and I much prefer the TT triggers.
  6. I tried the FSS and never could get comfortable with it. I eventually switched back out for the stock trigger till I get a chance to find something I like better.
  7. The PB&Js seem to be the consensus. I like the idea of packing some fruit into a cooler or lunch box to keep it cold. I generally dink some sort of high protein drink in the mornings to get me going so I know the breakfast part is pretty well taken care of. Again, thank you everyone for your input.
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I should plan on bringing my own food my next match and try it.
  9. I always have a hard time getting my head back in the game after taking a lunch break, especially at major matches. I have tried going to the safe areas and doing a little grip and draw as well as dry fire. What does everybody else do to regain focus after eating lunch and taking a break?
  10. Everybody slaps the trigger. The key is to slap, press, pull, yank, whatever you want to call it with out disrupting the sights. Rob Leatham I think said it best in this video.
  11. I don’t think it is a big deal that you can remember all your sight pictures during a stage. I would suggesting thinking about if you remember any bad shot calls and then confirming with the round placements on the targets. Trying to remember specific sight pictures, stage plans and everything else is a lot to think about.
  12. Do you have any plans on using a suppressor in the future as that might change the answers?
  13. From the videos posted, it looks like you drop your pistol down to do a reload. For reloads, I generally teach my recruits to keep the gun up in front of the face. Partially a tactical decision for a police officer but it also allows for less travel of the gun from eye line (ultimately where the gun is going to end up). Also I teach the reload with the magazine first. Pull the magazine up out of the pouch and move it up to meet your eye line. Along that path is where you want your pistol to be waiting for the magazine. As far as when I shot USPSA, I tried to plan my reloads in a way that I cou
  14. I really like both of the first two seasons, but the third has been a let down to me. I just haven’t been able to get into it as much. I was really excited to binge watch it. Did anybody else feel like the third season just wasn’t as good?
  15. My favorite movie is Clue. It has always been my go to movie if I need a pick me up.
  16. Thanks @rider82. That was exactly what I was looking for.
  17. Thats really great to hear. I hope they keep going down.
  18. To start off I would probably go with a 223/556 built off a Remington 700 action. 223 has very little recoil and ammo is quite cheap. The Remington action will have a ton of aftermarket parts.
  19. I completely agree. I have found in most precision matches I usually hover around 16x but I will increase magnification on smaller targets like KYL racks.
  20. You can never go wrong with the trusty old 10/22
  21. During a stage, I would be worried I would miss a stage command but like others have stated, I enjoy before and after. Music can definitely make a long waiting period go by quicker.
  22. I always focus on the target. I find if I focus on the dot, I tend to drift away from center without realizing it.
  23. Does anybody run an aftermarket magwell on their M&P pistol that they use as an everyday carry pistol? If so what brand and do you have to change your magazine base pads?
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