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  1. Hadn't noticed that. Opens many more options (no pun intended). The options keep growing with Tanfo frames it seems. I will have to look into the barrel, so thank you.
  2. Atlas- True, I guess I should have been a bit better at clarifying. It seems equivalent to loading other 9 major guns if you custom build a gun, versus lets say running the V12 factory barrel.
  3. Thanks for the response. It seems like there are very few folks running 9 major in these guns. I hope to build an open gun one day, and part of me wants to avoid the brass debacle with 38/supercomp. Seems like you are very limited on powders though if you stick to 9 major (especially in the factory open gun).
  4. Forget hearing about just the middle one, I want to know more about all of them! But the 9mm major is on the top of the list for information request. Looks great!
  5. Open1215- If that is what I think it is...it might persuade me to build an open gun for general shenanigans. Looks great!
  6. 45% IPSC target at 100 yards with my Glock 19. Not pretty at all, but it ocassionally makes the steel ring. 50 yards is much better, but still bad. I am lacking on a good trigger press currently. I can rock out at 50 yards with my Colt SAA clone (Uberti) in 45 Colt though. 3 or 4 out of 5.
  7. For my rifle match loads, nothing but Federal LR Match. Pistols and revolvers, is pretty much whatever is still available. If I have multiple choices, and I run a glock, I go with whatever is cheapest. I have not really messed with my springs though, so I do not have issues with light primer strikes.
  8. For 9mm I save over 50% from factory. Factory 9mm up here runs 16 a box, so $320/1,000. My powder changes almost every pound due to availability, but it is still worth it. My friend recently did the math with me, and he has to shoot less than 5,000 rounds and he will pay off his progressive press. My really large savings comes from match rifle loads. My match 308 runs me 65c each, while factory is 1.50 per. With all that said, I havent saved a dime. I have shot volumes more, gotten to be a better shooter, and found a second hobby.
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